Let's start with the shucking and jiving Anne Price Mills, a Democratic delegate for Senator Hillary Clinton, who was interviewed immediately following the speech given by Clinton by the Queen of the TV Lite-Brites, Suzanne Malveaux. I'm not the only one who believes that she was planted by the GOP and told to stir up mixed emotions. I mean, why the hell was she crying? And what was she trying to say at the very end, when she starts to speak on Senator Barack Obama's "resume", then let's her head down, shrugging and sighing? Should we be dissappointed in the nominee? GTFOH.

Notice the guy standing next to her and the white guy standing behind Suzanne when she finally pulls the microphone away to end the interview. Last question: Why are all of these African-American and Hispanic/Latino people coming out of the woodwork and repeating Republickin talking points - right when the DNC is happening? It's either a setup or some of that old slave mentality stuff coming back, I tell ya. Either way, I'm sure the GOP is happy about it. It sews confusion, and confusion is a strategy for victory when properly executed. And this is one confused black woman...

On another note, we will see both Senator Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton speak tonight. Who knows what Bill will say, but I can give you some hints as to what Biden will offer.

First of all, Joe Biden is known for being a little unbridled, but EVERYONE AGREES THAT HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH. To be honest, I was never as worried about Barack's chances against Hillary as I would have been if he were matched against Biden. Anyone still hanging on to a fear that Biden may not have been the correct choice, watch the video below. I'm telling you, this guy is official...

Expect this guy to come out swinging against the Republickins. Expect Clinton to talk about himself and to say just enough nice things about Barack to get over. And expect the GOP strategists to officially start worrying after tonight.


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