Everybody was talking about Evan Bayh and Obama showing up together in Indiana. I'm still not so sure that this is the correct move, but it has been forecast and broken down to a science that Obama/Bayh will be announced as the Democratic ticket today.

Bil Browning, who predicted this announcement on his blog, The Bilerico Project, has basically outed himself as a false prophet. Now, I admit that he had several great reasons to assume that his prediction would be valid and he'd become the next magical political guru. But as we all know, you must be an ass first to assume anything.

Two reasons he gave for his Obama/Bayh announcement theory:

1. The Olympics start on Friday and run until the Democratic convention starts...

4. The website ObamaBayh08.com is taken...


Click the link above if you care. As you know, there was no VP announcement today. I guess that's what happens when you get high off you your own supply. But I can admire Browning going out on a limb, especially on The Huffington Post, which picked up his prediction and put it in front of a national audience of blog readers. He had to know that he might be proven wrong today, and wouldn't you know...


A better bet would be that Obama announces his VP candidate either right before or during the convention. He's going on vacation soon, so maybe when he gets back he'll let everybody know who it will be.

Until then, can we all just calm down and leave the Negrodamus role to Paul Mooney?



Bil Browning said...

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Nostradamus, I am not. :)

I think I was just as shocked as anyone that my post got promoted on Huff Po and as of yesterday was the #2 post on the site this month. Me?!

Shoot, I just made a prediction for my Indiana-based blog. A prediction that ended up going around the nation and then ended up wrong.

Talk about a lesson in humility, eh?

But thanks for being generous with "outed himself as a false prophet." I think that's one of the nicest things people have had to say after I was wrong. "Bil Browning is a lying loser" was about the norm for yesterday...

You have a great bog, btw. I hope you become a Bilerico Project regular; I've added your blog to my RSS feeds.


No prob. I've been guilty of stargazing myself, so again, it's admirable.

Thanks for the visit. I'll definitely be checking you out in the future.