If you haven't noticed, the GOP is too busy killing itself for me to even mention Senator Barack Obama right now. This is a beautiful tragedy unfolding, and I'm all for it. But before I get really started, let me say this. I don't want anyone else to die because of Hurricane Gustav. Last time I checked, the DEATH COUNT was at or beyond 67, mostly in Haiti. And now, it's heading full-force towards New Orleans.

Again, it's heading full-force towards New Orleans. Why the hell did I just repeat myself? Because, as you know, we had a Republikkkan president when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. That's almost 3 years exactly. I am not happy at all about the fact that Gustav might cause catastrophic damage to the Crescent City all over again, before the N.O. had the chance to heal from its wounds. Like my Dad told me the night before Katrina hit, "Pray for anyone you know that's stuck in New Orleans tonight." Don't forget, we still have the same POTUS in office who does not give a fuck about anything, so I'm sure we'll see more of the same response from the federal government. Word to Barack.


How ironic it is that President Bush is scheduled to speak at the GOP's national convetion in St. Paul, Minnesota, just as McCain is getting ready to accept his role as the nominee. And they had the beautiful MILF, Governor Sarah Palin, ready to do her political pole dance at a moment's notice, just to get the party really really crunk. I bet G.W. Bush has a bag full of $1's with which he was ready to shower ol' girl once she hit the stage. And you've never seen it rain like Bush makes it rain on them hoes...


The GOP is now CONSIDERING TAKING A RAIN CHECK on the convention. And why, you ask, would they reschedule or put it off for just a day or two? Not because they really give a shit about what happens to the citizens of the Gulf Coast, because they proved to us 3 years ago that they don't. And not because they are ashamed of their shortcomings, which they should be.

The GOP is thinking of letting the storm pass for a very simple reason. They don't want can't afford anything taking all the glory away from their convention. Not death, flooding, catastrophe, oil price spikeage, etc, etc. Nothing gets in the way of the Republican Party, whether you take that to mean the political party or the fiesta that they thought they'd get away with next week. They'd rather look good than win. Word to White Men Can't Jump.

These people disgust me sometimes; I kid you not. If they were really hard-core, they'd go through with the convention and make public amends. Apologies, even. That might even get them some leeway with voters. But nooooo.... These bitches would rather reschedule and try to save face, as if you could really apply Botox or Proactive to the mug of Medusa.


I'm done for now; I'm stuck in the middle of Atlas Shrugged, and the only time I get to really sink into a good-ass book is after midnight. If you're in the middle of traveling or your last summer vacation, stay safe on those roads or in those skies - we need your vote in November.

Viva la Vida!!

UPDATE: 5:00 a.m.

It looks like SOMEBODY CAME TO THEIR SENSES. A new game plan is being formulated.




I have to apologize to my readers, because now I get what's happening, and as of right now, I'm taking the bait. So this will be the last time I write an entire post about what the hell is or isn't going on with this. But for now, I have two separate theories as to why Senator John McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin as his VP candidate.

1. Either McCain hit it when Palin visited him on a LATE NIGHT SECRET FLIGHT to Arizona last week, and she put that thang on him so badly that he gave her a key to a room in the White House for some late-night creep action in 2009,


2. McCain is spitting in the face of the Obama campaign, saying with subtlety that since OBAMA IS A CELEBRITY, the Republikkkan party can create it's own star, while still having a balanced ticket with a Senate veteran, just like the Dems. Except, the roles would be reversed.

The argument sounds like this. If Biden beats Palin in the VP debates, that means nothing, because, historically, no one votes for a VP anyway. Plus, she's just a politically made celebrity, so it's no big deal if she can't overcome any expectations.

The GOP probably thinks that this neutralizes Senator Obama. They think he has no experience, so they got someone with even less experience than zero. So now, the fight is between Biden and McCain. Both are long standing U.S. senators, and both have a wealth of foreign policy and government experience. But since Biden is not the presidential candidate, it makes Obama look bad, I guess.

All of that is a crazy gamble, but it still doesn't knock down the biggest question:

Is this the best person McCain could find to be president after him, in case he's not available? And if it isn't (and let's be honest - it isn't), what does that say about his judgment?

Seriously, I think he hit it.




Alright, I'm back. But bad news: My mind is blown. It's so bad that I have foregone any attempt at being productive, so I will settle for being effective and just share my mental breakdown with you, oh my brothers and sisters.

These are the thoughts runnin’ through my mind, in no particular order. Seriously, I am stunned at the choice of Governor Sarah Palin. I can barely focus on things I need to do because this is absolutely crazy and unexpected.

Here’s the randomness:

• Be not confused; this is GREAT for the Democrats. But I just can't understand how the Republikkkans would kill themselves like this.

• Today is John McCain’s birthday. He turned 72. That means that if he were to serve a full 8-year term as POTUS, he would leave office at 80. I have no words for that.

• Governor Sarah Palin is 44. She is a first-term governor of Alaska and has 2 years on the job.

I can’t believe this…

• The term I keep hearing on the news is that the vice-president is always “a heartbeat away” from the presidency. When running for POTUS, a VP choice would need to be ready to assume the responsibilities of Commander-in-Chief at any time. Huh?

• CNN’s Jack Cafferty absolutely roasted Palin on Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room today. As he said, the Republikkkans gave the Democrats "an early Christmas."

• Remember that America is involved in the War on Terror, which has us bogged down in Afghanistan, Iraq and could take us into Iran very soon. Does she have any – any – foreign policy expertise? I know she's a member of the NRA, but does having a gun mean that you can run multiple wars and the economy? WTF?!

• The job she held before being elected governor was mayor of a town in Alaska that has less than 6,000 residents. Westbumba-clat, Alaska, I believe is the name.


• There is only one tactical victory for the GO-Pee in this spectacular moment in historic political fuckery. Nobody is really talking about Obama. Not even me.

• This has fried my brain. The only fear I have is that since this is so unexplainable, it might have the effect of a mass lobotomy, and we will all become walking zombies, mental vegetables, and just start agreeing with everything. Jesus, this is so random.

• Senator John McCain just gave the Democrats the gift of political victory over the GOP, hopefully for generations and not just four years. And it's his birthday, not ours.


• Governor Palin is under investigation in her state, for possibly having a role in the firing of a State Trooper. The trooper was her brother-in-law. Nothing corrupt about that.

• Desperation is so unattractive. The Republikkkans have no game at all. What is this woman doing in this party? She is kind of cute…

• Imagine the Vice Presidential debate, coming soon to your favorite television news network. Trust me, if you’ve never trusted me before: Senator Joseph Biden is going to effortlessly take her apart – no question. All he has to do is ask her on live television to tell him anything about anything in the world.

• On the low, this is insulting as hell to women. Maybe on the high. McCain basically said, with the national microphone, "Look here, bitches: I picked up this strange married MILF from Alaska. So vote for me, because all you broads are the same anyway. Oh, and don't get pregnant accidentally anytime soon!! We ain't havin' it, but you are!!!"

!... ?... !

• This is what you call political pandering, and my guess is that Senator Clinton’s “Hillraisers” support group is going to see right through this as soon as the Democrats begin to mount their assault.

• Seriously, I just knew that the GOP would make this harder. I’m shocked. Happy that they made the wrong move, but disappointed at their stupidity and taking all the fun out of the game.


• I agree with David Gergen. It should have been Mitt Romney. That would have made sense. How would you feel today if you were Mitt Romney? You know how much chee$e that fool spent trying to be McCain's flunky? FAIL.

• Republikkkans have got to be nervous as hell.

• Wow. She's a journalism graduate. Journalism is dead.

• I gotta call my Dad and my older brother. I know they’re tripping as well.

• I need a drink.

• They say that Palin hasn’t even been “vetted” by the media yet. God, how bad is this shite going to be??

• She came in 2nd in the Miss Alaska '84 pageant. Damn. But, like I told the homie GARLAND earlier, I can’t front. Palin is thick, and I would beat.

! ! ! ?

• Jesus. Obama and Biden won’t even say anything bad about her. That’s smart; they don’t even need to. They can let the rest of the world wobble on its axis today and just remain cool. See, that’s why I like Obama. Cooler heads prevail.

• Meltdown… We are witnessing the meltdown of a major political party... My brain is farting…

• The only president to take the oath and enter the Oval Office older than McCain was Ronald Reagan. You know he had Altzheimer's.

I have to leave this house, or I will suffer complete and total mental collapse.

I’ll be back later. Maybe not until tomorrow. Help me, Jesus. Help me, Tom Cruise.

POLITICAL SUICIDE (in the guise of respecting women)


It has been CONFIRMED BY CNN that Senator John McCain has chosen that lady above, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, as his running mate. More on this later...

All I can say for now is that this is a very bold move. And I don't know what the hell to make of this, except that this is a blatant stab at the Hillary vote.

Man, I'm going to have a lot to say about this one. For now, this is one of the worst moves I could have predicted by the Republikkkans. How stupid...

Stay tuned...


This is what happened last night. Contrary to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace both said, before they were both assasinated, it was not all a dream. It happened.

As of today, Friday, August 29, 2008, the future is full of promise for those of us who believe in the natural right of all earth citizens to renew the spirit of God within us all. Once again, we can claim the royalty from whence we came. I do not watch the weather report, so I am uncertain whether or not the sun will shine where you awaken this morning, but it is certainly shining down in spirit upon the faces of those who see the dawn of a new day, even if it's through the rain of another Gulf Coast hurricane. And you can count me as one of those people.

We will not only survive the coming storm as a country, we will weather it and rebuild that which has been torn asunder, smashed against the rocks of racism and flooded with fear and loathing. Just as we have before, we shall again. We will conquer that which threatens our livelyhood and build a better tomorrow with the foundation that we have in this very day.

On this day, the Friday before Labor Day, which leads into the month I was born, I am happy, grateful and excited to be a living, breathing human being. And I cherish the fact that some great entity that created this whole idea called "life" actually thought enough of me to place oxygen in my battered lungs once again, along with the vision in my eyes, hunger in my brain and encouragement in my soul. I believe that this is the day that things will undoubtedly become irreversable on the path to a positive existence. And I am ready for the challenge of today, tomorrow and beyond.

I am awake. Now wake your punk ass up too and join the rest of the living; we've got work to do.




Former Vice President Al Gore Jr. has just spoken at Invesco Field, a.k.a. Mile High Stadium, in Denver, Colorado. Wolf Blitzer just admitted that he was dancing, although off-camera, to the sounds of Stevie Wonder singing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." An estimated 80,000 people have gathered to witness this event.


I'm, like, totally amazed and excited that I'm alive. I don't know about you, but this is some serious shit. If you're not excited too, I don't want to know you. And don't leave a comment on my blog either if you're a hater, because I'll trace your IP address and make you the laughing stock of the internet in my own special way that no one will ever have to know about. This is a big deal, and if you're not on my side, you're on the wrong side of history.


So this is how I'll start this post on this historic day. I'll be back later tonight to update it with the actual speech. The homie Chuck from UNDERGROUND LIVE is in town, so we're heading to downtown Atlanta to find the crowd and celebrate this moment.


Seriously, can you believe this is actually happening?



Damn. Like, really damn. I can honestly call Rashan Ali and Emperor Searcy friends of mine. I've known both of them for 10 years, and unlike a lot of people who claim to be in the celebrity circle, I can honestly say that both of them know me. So this is wack as hell to me. But, for the record, "The A-Team Morning Show" of Radio One of Atlanta (Hot 107.9) IS DEAD.

The A-Team consisted of Rashan, Searcy, Griffy 2 Trillion and... uh... somebody else, I think. But they are long-standing A-town vets who were there since Atlanta began to blow and stayed down to this day. And it is this day, the day that Obama will accept the nomination, that they have accepted pink slips from Radio One. They are being replaced by THE RICKY SMILEY MORNING SHOW.


The good news about this is that all three main characters of the A-Team are well situated. Rashan is happily married with child, and I don't see her in a financial crunch. Searcy is a partner in Black Market Entertainment, a.k.a. BME, which is also co-owned by Jonathan "Lil' Jon" Smith. He's not at all poor. And Griff is a great host, comedian and personality in his own right, so I assume that he'll either move to another market or find his way to television in the next 12 months.

But to be honest, with no disrespect intended, the show hasn't been the same since Ryan Cameron left. And from what I hear, Ricky Smiley's syndicated radio show isn't really that good, but I haven't heard it, so you ain't heard that from me. But seriously, I don't expect it to last very long in Atlanta, because there are so many home-grown morning shows here, and this city is too big for something that's not local. Tom Joyner is the exception, like Larry Bird. Ricky Smiley? Nope.

Mark my words; Smiley won't last in Atlanta. But, on another note, why does this feel like the opening night of the Olympics? You remember, when John Edwards announced that he had fathered a bastard love-child and cheated on his wife, who has terminal cancer. In other words, people like to put out bad news announcements when the story is likely to be overlooked because of something much more major. Like the acceptance speech of the first African-American nominee for POTUS by a major political party.

I hate this for "The A-Team", but I love this day in history. And, on that note, I'm about to head to downtown Atlanta, to be with some good people as Senator Barack Obama makes his speech.

Life is good. Light-skinded is back! We are living history. This is crazy. I'm supercrunk. Time to hit the town. God bless America (wow).



People are always saying that Hip-Hop is too violent. And the general response to this statement from those defending Hip-Hop's right to using violent and vulgar rhetoric is that actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have killed more people on film than any thugged-out rapper has killed MCs on wax.

So I came across two videos of two different Rambos. One uses the machine gun and the other uses his mouth as a weapon. You tell me: Which of the two deadly MCs is really killing it?



Seems to me that our Italian-American brother John Rambo is way realer than the OG from Compton. Gangster rap stays losing.


Who do you want to be today? What's so special about Thursday, August 28, 2008? When do you plan to thank God for the breath that's in your lungs? Where are you going in your life? Why should you be happy to be alive? How do we get even further than we are today?

All six of those questions begin with the starting words that journalists are taught to ask their subjects. Who, what, when, where, why and how. Allow me to add a seventh query to the list:

Do you care enough to be alive at this crucial time in history?

Today is the 45th anniversary of the deliverance of the so-called "I Have a Dream" speech by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a titan among all men, not just African-Americans. If my math is correct, he would be 79 years old today, if he were not assasinated by cowards who did not want to allow change to come about in American society. Unfortunately, like many great men and women who sought to make a difference in the way the world works, he was stopped short before he could see the future he helped develop with his own eyes.

Fortunately for the continuing development of African-American culture - and that is not to say that I don't wish that all cultures continue to develop, besides white supremacists - we have new heroes. Of course, Senator Barack Obama, who was nominated last night as the Democratic nominee for POTUS, is an outstanding, shining example. But there are others, oh my brothers and sisters.

You and I are included in that number of saints who can now march forward into tomorrow with pride, dignity, integrity and purpose. This morning is a great morning, and it is the foundation upon which the future will be built. So please, PLEASE, get your punk ass out of bed and join the rest of the new civilized world.

We are now evolved.





Let's start with the shucking and jiving Anne Price Mills, a Democratic delegate for Senator Hillary Clinton, who was interviewed immediately following the speech given by Clinton by the Queen of the TV Lite-Brites, Suzanne Malveaux. I'm not the only one who believes that she was planted by the GOP and told to stir up mixed emotions. I mean, why the hell was she crying? And what was she trying to say at the very end, when she starts to speak on Senator Barack Obama's "resume", then let's her head down, shrugging and sighing? Should we be dissappointed in the nominee? GTFOH.

Notice the guy standing next to her and the white guy standing behind Suzanne when she finally pulls the microphone away to end the interview. Last question: Why are all of these African-American and Hispanic/Latino people coming out of the woodwork and repeating Republickin talking points - right when the DNC is happening? It's either a setup or some of that old slave mentality stuff coming back, I tell ya. Either way, I'm sure the GOP is happy about it. It sews confusion, and confusion is a strategy for victory when properly executed. And this is one confused black woman...

On another note, we will see both Senator Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton speak tonight. Who knows what Bill will say, but I can give you some hints as to what Biden will offer.

First of all, Joe Biden is known for being a little unbridled, but EVERYONE AGREES THAT HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH. To be honest, I was never as worried about Barack's chances against Hillary as I would have been if he were matched against Biden. Anyone still hanging on to a fear that Biden may not have been the correct choice, watch the video below. I'm telling you, this guy is official...

Expect this guy to come out swinging against the Republickins. Expect Clinton to talk about himself and to say just enough nice things about Barack to get over. And expect the GOP strategists to officially start worrying after tonight.




What better way to get your Wednesday morning started than with some of that good revolutionary Hip-Hop music as the soundtrack to your daily survival? I can think of none at the moment.

This song, "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop", by dead prez, has been on heavy rotation in my mental radio station recently, and I can't figure out why. Maybe it's because good Hip-Hop music is on life-support. Maybe the reason why I'm posting an old video by Dead Prez is because my own blog is dead and I have nothing better to do. Or maybe - just maybe - true Hip-Hop music never dies, because true Hip-Hop music finds ways to speak the immortal truth about life and the everlasting, never-ending struggle for peace, love and progress.

The truth is that the fight is far from finished, and songs like the one above are perfect melodies to wake your tired ass up from the clutches of death's cousin. Whether you're still slumbering through the morning, currently in a corporate cubicle cage or trying to settle into your own solitary confinement of creativity, it's time to get on your grind.

The game of life does not don't wait. And life is bigger than Hip-Hop. And Hip-Hop is bigger than religion, "my nigga" and the government. Didn't we go over this yesterday morning?

"Better drink a Red Bull;
You can't sleep on life..."

Young Jeezy - "I Luv It"




Tiny Dancer, the famous Chihuahua known as the world's smallest therapy dog, IS REALLY DEAD. The little guy was 5 inches tall and weighed 18 ounces. Awww...

It has been rumored that there is a bidding war going on between Rocawear, Sean John, Michael Vick and China for Tiny's carcass. Diddy and Jay-Z both want to skin him to make those winter coats with the fur lining on the hood. Michael Vick is craving some teriyaki dog jerky behind bars. And guess where they make that? China.


I mean, just look at Tiny Dancer's coat. That stuff could go for $200 a square millimeter in Macy's right now, just as they start rolling out the winter fashions. Sheeit, you might could even make an elegant hair extension out of that fuzz.

R.I.P. Tiny Dancer. You spread happiness to so many people. I hope that your afterlife your owner keeps your body out of the hands of carnivores and fur aficionados.



Grab your barf bags... It's time to meet Tiffany Shorter and Richard Ivory, possibly the lamest black people alive.

Believe it or not, I am very tolerant of Republikkkans. I understand some of their long-standing ideas on governing and freedoms, and I do remember that Abraham Lincoln was a member of the GOP. The problem with this is that these two twits are trying to mesh the ideology of the GOP with the cultural significance of Hip-Hop, as if you can belong to Hip-Hop culture and still remain a Republikkkan. The two are not now and will never be compatible.

In my own opinion, it is disgusting that Richard Ivory (ironic) says in the video that he likes Nas, the rapper who recently tried to name his album Nigger and was censored due to pressure from Reverend Al Sharpton, with help from Bill O'Reilly. By the way, how sad is it that the surest way to combine the persuasive powers of the far right and the far left is to try to make a piece of recorded art that investigates the power of a word?

I would bet money that Nas wouldn't like Richard or his ladyfriend. He even says around the 7:06 mark that he wants to see a black Republikkkan win a congressional seat representing Harlem in the next 20 years. Pardon me for a second...

*puking on myself*

Whew! Ok, back to the story, it is also vile that Tiffany Shorter says that she admires Richard Nixon around the 3:30 mark. She says that he was a moderate Republikkkan who instituted Affirmative Action, which she believes was needed at the time, yet she is now "ambiguous" about the program. What she probably doesn't know is that Nixon also allowed the infamous GOP "Southern Strategy" of using racism to begin under his oversight, which helped his party retain the electoral voting bloc of the south. In other words, starting Affirmative Action was probably the least that Nixon could do for turning the racial hatred that seethed beneath the Mason-Dixon Line against the party of Lyndon Johnson, who actually listened to great men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sure, we can get jobs at quota numbers from Republikkkans, but we can't have the power to create political change without a Democrat.

I look at Richard and Tiffany's faces, which have the putrid look of moral superiority and/or intellectual elitism, and I wish I could pepper spray them through my laptop screen. I am very averse to smart people who let themselves be promoted as racial pioneers by racists who use them as lab rats. Black Republikkkans are nothing but doppelgangers, like all Republikkkans. I look at them as walking brain-dead corpses, trying to recruit the rest of us into a hellish existence just so that they'll have company as they wait for a plate of dinner scraps to slide under their doors from inside the master's house.


I just can't even believe this awkward buffoonery. Look at your boy, Daddy Yankee, going out like a straight sucker...

Senator John McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, says he's introducing "a special friend" and a "great American success story" (from Puerto Rico) who's been married for 15 years with three kids, aged 14, 12 and 10. Then this guy Daddy Yankee comes on stage looking like a 40-year old pedophile, hugging girls his childrens' ages and rambling in short bursts of Spanglish about how he's backing McCain because of his stance on immigration.

If this doesn't seem strange to you, it's because you don't pay attention. See, Puerto Ricans have no problem getting in and out of the U.S. Their Visas aren't like Mexican citizens'. So I don't exactly get Yankee's point. However, this is a great moment of opportunity for the Democrats. This is precisely where John McCain is weak when it comes to his political base of support.

You'd better believe that the immigration issue is what almost kept him from getting the nomination from the Republickins in the first place. Now, he's touting it early and unnecessarily. If the Democrats are smart and not the weak, punk-ass beeyotches that the Republickins always frame them as, they'll make an attack ad that goes as hard as McCain's recent commercial that tries to put a wedge between the supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic party. See below:

See how McCain is trying to meddling in Democratic party affairs, trying to make Clinton seem like a victim and Obama look like a white chocolate devil for not choosing or consulting her on the VP issue? Keep in mind that before the Dems' convention started, something like 24% of Clinton supporters said that they would rather support McCain on November 4, all because they're "outraged" at the way their girl was treated by Obama.

Well, the Democrats need to put something out that says something to the effect of, "John McCain wants the Hip-Hop vote so badly that he went out and got a washed-up reggaeton artist to confirm what we already know - McCain will leave our borders unsecured for thousands, if not millions, of undocumented illegal immigrants to cross into America. This is the guy conservatives don't really want to support..."

That would start some serious whispering among the neo-conservatives and evangelicals who are only supporting McCain because they have no better option. But one thing independent candidates don't want to hear about is our country losing more jobs to illegals at a time when the economy is pissier than McCain's bedsheets.

The Democrats need to either grow some nuts or some nipples and stop walking the fence, so to speak, on this issue. Time to get tough; McCain would have done the same. And by the way, what was the last Daddy Yankee song you liked?


- My name is THE UNDERWRITER, and Barack Obama did not approve this message. But the Democrats had better tell him to get on my level soon if they want to win this election.



Andre Young Jr., the son of Dr. Dre, WAS FOUND DEAD by his mother, in his California home over the weekend.

Details are sketchy right now, so look for an update when some hard facts come in. I don't think that they mean HOOD SURGEON, Dre's son who signed a deal with JT the Bigga Figga; I believe his name is actually Curtis Young and not Andre Jr., so this is obviously a different son.

Need more time to investigate for better details. For now, man, my heart goes out to the family. See what I was saying earlier this morning? You never know when someone you love is gonna go. Keep the good Doctor in your prayers.


To you, this post might have nothing to do with anything, but to me, it has something to do with everything going on in the world right now. You see, the most recent album by your favorite rapper is ony going to last 3-6 months. The flyest video you're going to see in the next week or so will only last until the beginning of winter, and that's if it's really good. That's a short lifespan, and it's only getting worse with more and more people calling themselves rappers and less shelf space available for old rap records. But classic Hip-Hop is immortal. Believe that.

R.I.P. Scott La Rock (Boogie Down Productions)

The problem is that our culture has been hijacked by hermaphrodites and hookers of harmony who don't care what type of music they make, as long as that music makes money and provides for another fiscal year of trickery and financial fuckery. This is probably where "making it rain" comes in, leaving the lower class feeling left out of the loop, wishing for a watershed moment when the odds are even and the ears and eyes of executives are open and exposed. Everyone wants his or her own time to shine, even if it is restricted to fifteen minutes; it's hard not to be a critic when you're riding in a Civic. Best thing to do is stop talking it and live it.'

"This one is for Dilla"... R.I.P. Jay Dee

Like Erykah said on "The Healer," our culture is bigger than religion, "my nigga" and the government. I would add that it should be bigger than money, but that remains to be seen. There are, however, some things that will always be bigger than Hip-Hop, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness freedom.

Quiet as it's kept, Hip-Hop is even bigger than death. Some of our most beloved heroes have found everlasting life through their musical legacies. Word to Big Pun and Buffy of The Fat Boys, who were both big as hell but aren't here to see the new morning with us, like J. Dilla and Scott La Rock.



We're at the dawn of a new day, and all it takes is a majority of believers to overwhelm the minority of haters. But we can't get there if you sleep through your damned alarm clock. So climb your tired ass out of bed and join the movement of the living - those of us who care more about contributing than collecting, ones that are more interested in legacies than liquid assets.




Now I remember why it rained and I felt sick all day today. TODAY IS THE DAY BABY GIRL PASSED.

In case you didn't know, I was then and continue to be now an immense stan for the late Aaliyah Haughton. Still feels like she's supposed to be here and on top of the world. Does anyone else remember how awful the fall season of 2001 was? I shouldn't have to remind you.

Instead of "I Miss You," which is a great song and all, I had to put one of my favorite videos. I don't think that those who have passed on always want us remembering them with sad memories.

Damn, she was fly.




As you know, we are now in the week of the blue party. The reported theme of this Monday night of the Democratic National Convention is "One Nation." I'll be watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Jesse Jackson III, among others, deliver speeches tonight.

It's basically the first big night at the convention, and it's looking like "family night." Maya Soetero-Ng, Senator Barack Obama's sister, and Craig Robinson, his brother-in-law, will both take the podium at some early point of the evening. Then, the next First Lady of The United States of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama, will be at center stage as the night's headliner at the Pepsi Center of Denver, CO. Obama has a beautifully diverse family. Just wanted to say that.


Oh, and check this out...

The schedule includes a surprise speaker, Republican Iowa Sen. Jim Leach, a moderate who broke ranks with his party this month and endorsed Obama.


That's a good look, because the Republickins are certainly going to bring out Senator Joe Lieberman, who is a traitor to the cause. Can you believe that this guy was actually the Democratic VP nominee under Al Gore in 2000? What a dewshbag.

Senator Edward Kennedy will also be honored at the convention. He is already scheduled to appear and is rumored to be speaking. That would be a big boost for the Dems, who love Teddy Kennedy like a fairy Godfather.

In the meantime, candidate Obama will be BACK IN IOWA TODAY, reminding the residents of the state that he appreciates the fact that they made this whole week possible. Without them, it would be a Clinton event. Thanks to their vote, history will be made. Obama will arrive at the convention after the debt of gratitude is paid. Don't mind my enthusiasm, but this shit is exciting if you're into politics.

On the Republickin side, McCain will be on TV tonight, trying to steal some viewers with his geezerly posture. He is going to be wheeled in on a gurney to The Tonight Show to talk with Jay Leno about his colonoscopy, blood pressure and amount of Levitra it takes to make his penis large enough to hold in his hand when urinating. Should be a great show, I guess.



This one is for the "Hip-Hop is Dead" crowd. Just watch it; it needs no help from me.

You gotta love how Bucky Garrison, a.k.a. TrapDatAzz, represented for my homestate of Alabama. Classic.



I haven't found an embeddable video of HAIK HOISINGTON & TAALAM ACEY'S "TRUE LIES" POEM, but if you have 2:03 to spare this morning, you really need to click that link. The wordplay and animation combined are ill.

Here's a different poem, same poet, no animation. Still dope.

If you wanted to wake up this morning thinking that everything was right in America, now that the Democrats are about to officially nominate the first African-American major party candidate for POTUS, then don't let me keep you from dreaming. Snooze on, and if you have a vision of euphorian utopias, write it down when the alarm clock goes off. Maybe we can sell your notes as a bedtime story for children.

That was a joke. Seriously - wake your tired ass up and smell the rotting corpse of our free democracy burning through your nasal passages. If we're going to celebrate the death of the true American dream, let's just call this convention what it really is - a "second line" parade. Let's bring out the brass band, do our dances and get it all over with. You know I'm down.

However, if we intend instead to resurrect our democracy and bring America back from George Bush's hell, we've got more work to do than partying in Denver. So let's not get carried away with all the hype. Feel the momentum, breathe in the fresh air and get ready to buckle down. The Republickins are going to do anything and everything to keep a Democrat out of office. If necessary, we're going to have to fight back.

If, by chance, you were already awake, here's another dose of black coffee. Oh, if only "if" was a spliff...

There's nothing wrong with a pep rally, as long as you win the game afterwards.
- The Underwriter
(hell yeah, I quote myself when I say fresh lines like that)





I'm late like a pregnant MILF on this, but just for the record, Da Brat, aka Shawntae Harris, aka Lisa Raye's adopted sister, IS LEGALLY DEAD.

Ms. Harris, known for being introduced to the Hip-Hop world by Jermaine Dupri as the older sister of Kris Kross and the female answer to Snoop (Doggy) Dogg, was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting an employee of Studio 72, Dupri's club in Atlanta Tucker, GA.

Side note: The recipient of the bottle to the dome was also an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader.

The rapper and a half-dozen family members all broke down after hearing the sentence.

"I love y'all," she said to her relatives as a deputy hauled her away, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

"We love you too," her family replied in unison.


Harris is also known as a "good friend" of Mariah Carey. I wonder how this will affect the relationship with Nick Cannon. Better yet, I wonder if Mariah, Jermaine, Lisa or any of Brat's other famous friends will have any pull in getting an appeal. So far, it seems like it's being accepted as the way it is.

For the record, I actually always thought that Da Brat could rip any female artist (nolo). Remember the "No One Else" remix, featuring Lil' Kim and Foxy? Those were the days when women were on the rap music come-up. Now? Well, all three of them can call themselves convicts. Sexy? Not at all.

UPDATE: I'm hearing rumors that the sentence got reduced to a year and a half, and they're trying to get it down to 1 year. Good luck with that. Keep your head up, Brat. And tell J.D. to drop a mixtape or something soon, so the buzz will be sustained. What buzz?


[I'm going to wait for a day or two to weigh in on why Senator Barack Obama, by selecting Senator Joe Biden as his VP candidate, has made a great political move. Too many people are putting up nonsense opinions right now. I prefer it quiet when I'm speaking.]


Sunday is always the day that the major networks do the weekly wrap-up in political and governmental affairs. This weekend, the talk of the nation is still Obama/Biden but several other stories are also emerging. Senator Hillary Clinton is expected to RELEASE HER DELEGATES and the Rules and Bylaws committee of the Democratic Party have FULLY RESTORED THE MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA DELEGATES, both just in time for the national convention, which begins tomorrow.

But keep this in mind:

Some of Clinton's supporters were outraged that the delegates were not fully reinstated in May. They were also angry that Obama claimed some of the delegates won by Clinton in Michigan.


It could get ugly, or at least stupid, if those Hillraisers decide to cut the fool at the convention. Denver, Colorado has built temporary holding cells in a city-owned warehouse for those who violate the law during convention week. FYI: The first version had razor wire at the top.

New reports say that the razor wire was removed. I guess they didn't want pictures to come out of Hillary fans who had escaped either by chewing their way through the floor or shredding their faces and bodies into square centimeters - just to demonstrate against Senator Obama. I'm telling you, those people have the devil in their hearts...


Not that I really care, I'm just reporting. I'm not trying to find out if there's actually razor wire on those cages, so I'm staying in GA this week. Feel free to get arrested in my place and report the story after you're gagged, beaten and thrown against a chicken wire fence for fun. Like the Chappelle skit said, "If you've got hate in your heart, let it out."

I suspect that there will be plenty acts of random hate this week, as the new Democratic regime attempts to regain the reigns of control over the party, and Republickins do everything in their power to continue the chaos. For God's sake, man; she's even got something called a "whip team", which is supposed to be in place to overshadow the dissenters in her party who plan to disrupt the convention with noise, angst and hate. We'll see how good of a job she does "whipping" her own friends as they yell in her defense.

If you have an Obama t-shirt and plan to support the man in November, this is the week to bring it out. If you don't have one, buy one. They have some cool bootlegs in Five Points, off Campbellton Road and even Old Nat'l. Oh, and even if you want something free, MOVEON.ORG is shipping free Obama/Biden stickers to supporters. I think all you need is an email address, which you obviously have.

Word to the wise: If you're in Denver this weekend, don't trip; the police might get on some "Operation Heartbreak Hotel" stuff and straight gas you haters to death in that warehouse.

"Listen to me now,
Believe me later on..."

Khujo Goodie of GooDIE Mo.B - "Cell Therapy"


I tried and tried not to post this video, but as you see I have failed. I was just going to let it go and let people find it on all the other blogs, but no. I just had to have it. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, I present to you the absolute worst song and video that currently exists on earth.

How old are these kids, and why are they in a graveyard? What the hell is going on?



Elisabeth Kübler-Ross died on this day of 2004. You may have no idea who she was, but she was something like an authority on all things dead. Her classic book, On Death and Dying, first published in 1973, confronted the experience of dying and turned Kübler-Ross into an overnight world celebrity. She is considered to be responsible for the success of the medical movement known as "hospice." So big she was, in fact, that Time Magazine named her one of the "100 Most Important Thinkers" of the 20th century in 1999.

Seems only right that she gets a tribute four years to the day that she found out whether or not she was right about her life's work.

She wrote MAD BOOKS.


She was covered by THE NEW YORK TIMES.


But just in case you're feeling lazy or just plain uninterested, here are a few quick quotes that I found interesting...

"It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had."

"We run after values that, at death, become zero."

"Those who learned to know death, rather than to fear and fight it, become our teachers about life."

*All quotes: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. R.I.P.






I'm not going to say much. But as you can see...



FYI: Liberal America just exhaled a deep breath of relief... And again, I was right. Respect my authority on politics (and all else).


THE OBAMA CRUSADE: Day 31 - The Fever Pitch



Senator Obama is either finishing or continuing to call and thank the people on his shortlist for vice-presidential candidates for their support. Then he's telling them that they are no bueno. God bless you; good night.

Did my man Senator Joe Biden make the cut? We may find out later today, and we may not hear about it until tomorrow. But there are new developments that will make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look like the queen of the Democratic party if true...


This Democratic vice-presidential guessing game has hit an effing fever pitch. Who knows what will happen. I'm trying not to go to far with my ideas, but you already know who I predicted will be the choice: Senator Joe Biden.


Still, I could be wrong, but you already know what I think.



The Shogun of Harlem, Julius Carry III, IS REALLY DEAD.

The Last Dragon was a dope movie, if for no other reason than Vanity was in it and Berry Gordy produced it. Lest you forget, Vanity was fine as hell back in those days when she was on drugs and MAKING SONGS ABOUT GETTING SKEETED ON. Unfortunately, since she ditched Prince and found God (I didn't know he was lost), she's gained weight and lost her mojo. Ho-hum...


I've always wondered what the hell happened to Bruce Leroy. You always assumed that The Shogun just went back to being the bad MF that he was before the movie, but nice guys like Bruce Leroy don't make it in Hollywood. Either way, Bruce Leroy (too lazy to look up his real name) got the stage gaffled from under his feet whenever Sho Nuff entered the picture. Similar to The Dark Knight, in The Last Dragon the hero was outshined by the villain so much that we almost wish that the villain would get his own movie. This dude's style was so wild that Kanye even stole his swagger with the sun shades:


For his final encore, here's Julius Carry III performing the role that made him famous.

R.I.P. Shogun.

Who is the master?
I am.


THE GAME - L.A.X.: The Autopsy


I'm into true west coast gangster rap, because nothing else comes as close to the ugly realities of true life. And though some of you will doubtless disagree, The Game is, in my op, the best representation of Californian g-rap since the days of DJ Quik, N.W.A, Above The Law, M.C. Eiht and Westside Connection.

Tell the truth; Game practically bodied the entire G-Unit movement by himself just out of sheer will. His style has always been sort of the Pacific Coast yin to Curtis Jackson's Southside, Queens yang. Both have always seemed ready to be as disrespectful as necessary to lyrically embarrass their enemies, but when the two turned against each other, Game proved to be the better rapper, if not the smarter businessman.

L.A.X. continues the process of describing the City of Lost Angels to all outsiders. Like The Documentary and Doctor's Advocate, L.A.X. is heavy on the Dre-inspired soundscape, yet once again Dr. Dre makes no appearance behind the boards on production. In his place, Scott Storch (who needs the money), Cool & Dre, Irv Gotti, Nottz, J.R. Rotem, DJ Toomp, Hi-Tek and Kanye West all contribute some very high-def beats for Game's usual "I'm a Blood" steelo.


From the moment you hear DMX praying on the "Intro," you get a certain feeling that maybe God really does love the gangsters and vice-versa. X goes in pretty heavy with the prayer, giving the listener the idea that if he ever put down the microphone in the name of rap and picked it back up in the name of Jesus, without picking up the (you name it - pipe, blunt, bottle, needle, car keys, etc, etc...) again, he would probably have a congregation that would go far beyond the spiritual travesty that your boy Mason Betha pulled. Very dramatic and strangely appropriate.

From then on, you get what you expect. Game shows off his bounce-flow on "L.A.X. Files," which has a guy with a weird sense of tuning singing the chorus, but somehow it works out. From then on, the guest appearances start to flow in, with 'The Don Mega' Ice Cube showing up on the hook for "State of Emergency," Raekwon the Chef trading verses on "Bulletproof Diaries" and "My Life" featuring Lil' Wayne, which I can't get out of my head. Say what you will about Young Carter, but he can make your song pop if he really wants to, and the T-Pain device works well with him on certain tracks.

I have several favorite songs on L.A.X., and I've only been listening to it for 12 hours. Right now, my choices are "Ya Heard" featuring Ludacris, "Never Can Say Goodbye," "Cali Sunshine" and "Dope Boys," which knocks major. As a matter of fact, the only song I'm not really digging thus far would be the main single, "Game's Pain," featuring Keyshia Cole. Sure, she's fine, but that doesn't mean I have to be a fan. I think she's a little overrated, personally. Plus, I don't get the part that's supposed to be painful. Why didn't they name the song "Homage?" Whatever, I guess. But that doesn't mean I think it was a bad move to put the song out first. Black women love Keyshia, and so does urban radio. Can't call it stupid at all.

"Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Letter to the King" serve as the albums' two best songs for their creativity and depth, where he raps about the deaths of Tupac, Biggie, Eazy-E and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., respectively. Nas guests on the latter, as well as donating his vocal to the only interlude on the album, "Hard Liquor." "Angel" is another fly one that I played repeatedly on the drive from Atlanta to Birmingham this afternoon. And nobody can deny Chrisette Michelle, so "Let Us Live" wins on G.P. While I'm not crazy about Neo on a Game track ("Gentleman's Affair"), I do like the conflicting message. And let's face it: Game is known for being somewhat schitz.


Overall, by the time you get to the 19th track, DMX's prayerful "Outro," you shouldn't be mad at the Compton MC who has made his own way without significant assistance from Dr. Dre or 50 Cent since his debut album. L.A.X. is solid, and it will keep anyone from saying that Game was a flash in the pan, even if this really is his last LP as he has said. Hopefully, with the quality of this new joint, The Game will put the pistols away, stop with all the suicidal innuendos and realize that the game needs him.