This is a painted piece I recently peeped that my homeboy Dubelyoo did (that shit sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme if you say it out loud). Dude is a pretty cool cat. You see him in the "civilized" Hip-Hop spots all over Atlanta if you involve and associate yourself with the "music industry." Always wearing some crazy looking outfit that somehow fits together; a real artist type. I'm posting it because I probably can't afford it, so I take what I can get.

If you can guess the name of the image without CHEATING, you get the official FREE UNDERWRITER PRIZE for this winning weekend!!!

But seriously, the painting is kind of ill. I might cop one. When I get paid. If you got it, go ahead and trick on a print or something. Support graffiti and the art which it has inspired over time.

Or just kill yourself and hope that Hell doesn't sell spray paint to its residents.

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