THE OBAMA CRUSADE: Day 27 (The Olympic Hiatus)


John Edwards is not the only person who knows that political news is mostly dead during the Olympics. He was smart enough to put out his grimey love story when it had the most potential to be washed over by bigger stories, i.e. the opening ceremonies of the Beijing games. As dope as that intro was, with the highest Nielsen ratings of any opening ceremony ever, it was the best move Edwards has made politically in years.

But back to the subject, I factored a two-week hiatus from politics into my original "100-day" crusade. That meant that I could stay away from politics during the Olympics, giving Obama and everybody else a break, while catching a political breather myself. Isn't that the historic purpose of the games anyway? Let it slide for two weeks.


Keep in mind that some major catastrophe, like Russia bombing Georgia even as I type, is bound to happen. Unfortunately for Georgia (the country, not the state), Russia bombing the hell out of it is not bigger news than Russia winning the javelin toss in Beijing. So anything other than sport competition is nothing that's going to stick in the minds of the American voting public.

On the low, this is probably the best two-weeks to get away with some obnoxious dewshery that you'd never slide with any other time. Maybe on the high. Expect some other slick news items to pass right along during the games. If anything good comes to the light, I'll put it up.

I can't front; I'm crunk as hell about these Chinese Olympics. Plus, I've managed a full week without smoking cigarettes, which is a small miracle. I still have major nervous energy, which I'm trying to use to my advantage. So instead of politics, we'll get back to Hip-Hop and other things that are dead for the intermissionary period. I might even do something I dread - cover sports.


In the meantime, thanks to everyone reading these Obama-themed posts so far.

"Victory is getting closer by the day."
- The Underwriter


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