What better way to get your Wednesday morning started than with some of that good revolutionary Hip-Hop music as the soundtrack to your daily survival? I can think of none at the moment.

This song, "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop", by dead prez, has been on heavy rotation in my mental radio station recently, and I can't figure out why. Maybe it's because good Hip-Hop music is on life-support. Maybe the reason why I'm posting an old video by Dead Prez is because my own blog is dead and I have nothing better to do. Or maybe - just maybe - true Hip-Hop music never dies, because true Hip-Hop music finds ways to speak the immortal truth about life and the everlasting, never-ending struggle for peace, love and progress.

The truth is that the fight is far from finished, and songs like the one above are perfect melodies to wake your tired ass up from the clutches of death's cousin. Whether you're still slumbering through the morning, currently in a corporate cubicle cage or trying to settle into your own solitary confinement of creativity, it's time to get on your grind.

The game of life does not don't wait. And life is bigger than Hip-Hop. And Hip-Hop is bigger than religion, "my nigga" and the government. Didn't we go over this yesterday morning?

"Better drink a Red Bull;
You can't sleep on life..."

Young Jeezy - "I Luv It"

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