THE OBAMA CRUSADE - Back from Vacation: Day 28



Everyone is talking about the Saturday night “Faith Forum” involving Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, broadcast by CNN and moderated by Rick Warren, writer of The Purpose Driven Life and megapimppastor. The Faith Forum is airing right now (8pm EST) on your local CNN channel. One thing Obama said, and I co-sign 20/20, is that evil exists.

Of course it does! As long as there is a such term as “Republican candidate,” there will be evil. But anyway, even though this will be considered a “win” for McCain, this forum, I believe, was the best Republickin crowd Obama could have asked axed for, if he expected a fair chance to speak and be heard. I remember when McCain was trying to get Obama to agree to “town hall-styled” joint appearances and debates. Face it: Obama does much better with coliseums and concert crowds. McCain does better at the Elks Lodge, and who knows what type of weird fuckery would ensue once they got your homeboy Barack behind closed doors. Planted audience members, heckling, booing…

“Get your hand out my pocket!”


You know the rest. There would have been overwhelming support for the Republickin candidate, and Obama would have been swift-boated on live prime-time TV. On another note, expect a lot more attacks from the Democrat now that he’s back from time-out, as well as big endorsements from “undeclared” silent supporters and the announcement of the Democratic VP nominee.

I’m willing to bet anybody that it’s going to be SENATOR JOE BIDEN .


Who wants to put money on it?

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