THE OBAMA CRUSADE: Day 19 (Si Se Puede!)



I don't want to cover this whole "race card" debate any more than I did yesterday. Even though I know that this will still be the relevant story for the day, unless something real happens or the Obama campaign makes some big announcement. It just doesn't deserve any more fuel. If ignored, it will go away, like an annoying and drunk fat girl that flirts with you at the bar.

So instead, I just wanted to remind you that the Hispanic vote is still up for grabs. And even if McCain seems likely to get a good amount of Latino voters in his column, it shouldn't even compare to Obama's draw, especially if the immigration debate heats up again before the elections. And I predict that the Democratic leadership will pull this one on the Republickins sometime close to voting day, just to remind McCain that he can't have it both ways. Either he takes a hit on the conservative side or the Hispanic. Who is more important to him?

Anyway, here go some YouTube songs that support Obama in Spanish. I haven't heard any of my Mexican peoples knocking either version from the Honda Civic, but it doesn't seem like a far reach. Especially since most reggaeton generally sucks to high Hell anyway. No disrespect.

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