THE OBAMA CRUSADE: Day 30 (75 Days before E-Day)

[IMAGE: Callie Shell / Aurora for Time]


Senator Barack Obama has been putting the political clap-slap on Senator John McCain. Recently, McCain could not provide a clear answer to the question of how many houses does he own. Obama skewered his arse on the issue, and I must say it was good to see him on the offensive. It is my opinion that you can be an agent of change while still maintaining an agressive posture and frame of mind. We need a fighter and a lover, not either-or. Nolo.

Obama is also expected to announce his VP pick today. Or tomorrow. Well, definitely by Saturday, where he will make an appearance with his chosen sidekick in Springfield, Illinois. I am happy that he didn't select Tim Kaine in Chester, Virginia. That might send the wrong message. Hell, actually, with the way politics are, maybe not...

Obama also recenty spoke to Time Magazine about the selection process, the coming ugliness of the campaign and just where his head's at.

One of the biggest moments in the campaign is going to be your announcement of a vice president. What is that decision going to tell voters about you?

Hopefully, the same thing that my campaign has told the American people about me. That I think through big decisions. I get a lot of input from a lot of people, and that ultimately, I try to surround myself with people who are about getting the job done, and who are not about ego, self—aggrandizement, getting their names in the press, but our focus on what's best for the American people.


That's all well and fine, dude. Just go ahead and call out a name and get it over with before we all pass on, please. But on a serious note, at least the guy is finally responding to the attacks of Senator John McCain with more fiyah. I'm glad someone in the DNC put the bug in his ear to let him know that running for POTUS is not for the sensitive types.


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