Estelle Getty, known to the world as Sophia from the hit television show "The Golden Girls", IS REALLY DEAD.

Ol' girl was the quintessential embodiment of an old lady. She died in real life at 84, but she played an octogenarian on the show for years. I'm sure my Mom will call me today and tell me how sad it is and tell me how that, along with "Cheers" and a few other 80's shows, used to be one of her favorites. You should call your Mom and console her.

But really, ol' girl did her thing. She made big money, got famous and made a character that everyone will remember. Much respect.

Please show your appreciation by singing along with the following video:

Or you can crank that Golden Girl one last time...

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Snickers said...

{long sigh}
you know what? I'm about to go ahead and schedule your appointment so you can be fitted and measured correctly for your gasoline "draws"! there's a very special place in the deep, deep "SOUTH" for you!!

...I know it's a one way ticket to the same place with my name on it just for laughin'......