I apologize in advance, because I just have to curse on this one. This shit is a total fucking disgrace. It's so unbelievable, I can't even believe it. But I'll be damned to hell if it isn't the truth.

YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER DMX HAS BEEN ARRESTED - YES, AGAIN, for some brand new bullshit. Just click that link above and you'll get the story; I just can't even do it anymore. At this point, I can't even excuse any excuse he or his attorney might have, either for the judge or the media. What the hell gives anyone the right to be arrested so many times in one year and not go to jail? Isn't he beating Amy Winehouse's record right about now? It's so bad that all you have to do is type in "DMX arrested" in Google, and you'll find more pages than any encyclopedia will ever print. Ever.

But alas, I guess he had to keep on "keeping it hood." All we can do at this point is offer his name up in prayer. Dude is obviously a complete geek monster, and will be deemed as such until further notice.

Just for continuity, below you'll find that hilariously sad video from a few months ago where The Dog was severely geeked, throwed, twisted and shitfaced, all at once, in the booth. SMMFH at DJ GQ (the Asiatic dude at the mixing board), who co-signed this absolute tragedy. But I guess it makes sense, because people act any old way when they have friends enablers around them 24/7.

"With friends like that, you don't need enemies!"
Whodini - (if I really have to name this song, you don't belong here.)

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