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Everybody is talking about Obama taking a monumental trip to Afghanistan this weekend. Obama has consistently stated that he believes Afghanistan - not Iraq - to be the true focal point of the War on Terror. With the Taliban back in action, it looks like he was correct to project that we needed more troops there, instead of Iraq. In a very smart move, he's going to visit the war-torn region and get a first-hand account of just how funky it is out there.

But of course, the Republickins are trying to make it seem stupid. It's a good thing that we have journalists like John Ridley to make it make sense for the dummies.

The Right can't have it both ways on this one; they can't hector Obama about not traveling the world, then carp when he does. They certainly can't refer to a politician's travels as being political. That label is as obvious as it is inaccurate. What the trip is, is necessary.


It says a lot about Senator Obama that he is willing to see it for himself and not rely on surrogates and envoys. Don't even ask axe me if I would be willing to take my light-skinned ass over there without Secret Service detail. I don't have that kind of muscle. But he does, so he's doing it.

I happen to think it's a brave and bold move, showing that Obama is willing to investigate his own theories and find out how close he is to the truth. Maybe if we never invaded Iraq, it wouldn't be a mess right now. And we'd still have hundreds of thousands of soldiers to send to Afghanistan, who could have prevented the Taliban from retaking the area while we were bogged down in an illegitimate war.

Just my opinion. I'm probably on point, though.

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