This guy is a machine, but even machines break down if not maintained properly.

Senator Obama was told today by a British conservative leader that he is looking pale (wow). Those of us with the light-skinded curse know that pale is not a good look when you're biracial. I'm just saying, I start looking yellow on the rare occassions I come down with a cold. But seriously, you can't afford to look sickly when you're a skinny mulatto with African descent running for POTUS.

Anyway, Obama has been in 5th gear all week, and it appears that his schedule is finally catching up to him physically. British Conservative Party Leader David Cameron took the liberty of telling the Illinois senator and presumptive Democratic nominee that he needed some sun.

Cameron told the candidate, "You should be on the beach…you need a break. Well you need to be able to keep your head together."

Obama told Cameron he would try to take a week of in August. And he said he got advice from a Clinton White House veteran on how to handle the demands on his time.


You can't even front on the work ethic. And he doesn't earn any stripes from me for doing this; I expect the POTUS to bust his arse keeping me safe and rich and comfortable. Otherwise, why the eff am I paying taxes? That's why we need a young man in office. McCain would literally get caught sleeping through his whole term. You can imagine him on a hammock, enjoying the cool Autumn breeze, then suddenly tilting over too far and falling to the ground on some end-of-Godfather shit.

At least Obama can withstand the demands of the job.

"I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death."
Nas - NY State of Mind

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