Go ahead and hit that cigarette, my brother. Only 100 days left before November 2. It's gonna get shitty...

This is the beginning of the real movement, for those of us who are true supporters and not suckers. It is time to toughen up and get ready for the real fight. The true political season starts now.

I believe that political action involves debate. And some people are too stupid to know why they should like Obama. All they can do is hate him, because they are programmed as such.

Here's where our responsibility comes in. Everyone who has an Obama t-shirt, book, poster, magazine or campaign sticker ought to be able to give anyone outside of the know a few reasons why they too should support the candidate. For me, it's culture, environment, economy, diplomacy, conversation and even freedom. Mental, that is.

I'm gonna try to post something every single day until November 2 - Election Day - about my choice for President. Good and bad. Supportive and critical. Realistic and idealistic.

If you feel like commenting, shit... go for it. If not, don't.


THE WHITE HOUSE JUST ANNOUNCED that a special envoy will be meeting with Iranian diplomats.

This is a major shift which stands to help Obama, because John McCain does not believe that diplomacy can work with Iran. If Bush starts a dialog with Iran, it will severly undercut McCain's stance on foreign policy.

Translation: Obama looks like he's on the right correct side of the Iran issue. McCain looks old as usual.

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