Before I even ask axe the following question, I need to say one thing. I am an even-thirds split between Native American, African-American and white - certified mutt. I am a southern Baptist, which means that I was brought up around people who believed that Jesus had blonde hair and blue eyes. On top of that, I'm also a proud member of the Mama's Boy club, because my mother is nothing less than a saint. She might even be a goddess, as far as I can tell, so if she lied to me during my early stages, I must assume it was with good intentions for my future, even if it now seems questionable.

But enough of all that, for now. It's not intended as an excuse for the question I pose to you. It's more of a way of explaining the thought behind it, if you follow. It just so happens that, after I posted that last one, I started thinking about religion for some reason. Then, I started thinking about Christmas. Then, I remembered that it's July. And then, I remembered the myth of SANTA CLAUS, and how I once was told to believe that he was real. And on, and on, and on....

And, lo and behold, my mind found a question that I've never before heard asked axed aloud in the ways I thought about, even though I'm sure it's been queried between you and friends or conversational associates - if not among one other person you trust, maybe even two. That is, assuming that you're not scared to confront people with real questions every now and again. If not, I hate to be the bearer of bad inquisitions and scare you off, but I just can't resist this one.

By the way, you don't even have to comment or respond. But if you feel like it's a good question, leave a note about it. You won't hurt my feelings either way.

Here goes...

If we live in a culture where children, as soon as they could comprehend, understand and enjoy a sweet bedtime story, were told by their parents to believe that a fat man named Santa Claus was flying around the world on a supersonic chariot of reindeer and delivering presents to every "good" child alive...

Then, one day, we discovered that the whole story was nothing short or long of a lie...

Then how are we, using the "Fool Me Once..." rule of thinking, supposed to truly believe in some of the religious traditions we hold so close to our hearts, which also start and justify wars between countries?

Too scary to even think about. But those who walk in fear will never reach the truth on their paths. That's not a quote, by the way. I just made that shit up. Get like me.

Lest you internet geeks start thinking that I just woke up and found out that I wouldn't get a new X-Box game and a train set this year, let me just say that I'm a grown-ass man. I've been beating down myths for a long time, way before some of my friends reached puberty. I'm of no illusionary mind that would let me believe anything that I haven't experienced. That includes God, and for the record, I'm a believer. A blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus or a fat German on a sleigh that can will bring my bad-ass kids some gifts when I can't afford them? No mucho. And I don't even have bastards children yet, if I don't count internet haters. Which I don't.


Sorry to interrupt your sleep. You can thank me later for the gift that keeps on giving through generations... the truth. Now go give out some turkeys to the homeless or something.

"M*therf*ck*r, I'm ILL..."
- Lil' Wayne; "A Millie"


AQUILOGY said...

Christmas is alie: Jesus wasn't born indecember

Easter is a lie: Jesus wasn't killed on a friday.

og bobby j said...

stumble over here to see this nonsense...its not a bad question tho. Fact is, anyone who takes religion or the teachings it bears, as more then guidance for good morality, is just a dummy. Religion is not intended to be taken literal, which is where the nonsense among cultures begins. For example, the dummies who think stem cell research is a bad idea based on "conception is the start of life nonsense". I never viewed santa as a religious figure so much as a traditional celebratory icon for a religious holiday (make sense?). I also never questioned the need to understand and learn religion. However, I look at religion as an essential moral barrier to keep me from doing awful shit I could get away with....for the sake of afterlife reporcussions....and thats about it. I dont know if there is anything after earth....but if there is, Ima try to sit in first class on my way there ya dig?