CNN HAS PUT UP A STORY about how an Obama presidency might hurt the state of affairs in black American life. The theory goes something like this: if and when elected, Obama might make white people believe that everything is all good for black people now, and a lot of things that still need to be done to correct the social, economic, educational and legal imbalances, as they relate to minorities, will be ignored after inauguration day. In other words, we're all even-steven. No harm, no foul.

Steve Sailer, a columnist for The American Conservative magazine, wrote last year that some whites who support Obama aren't driven primarily by a desire for change.

They want something else Obama offers them: "White Guilt Repellent," he wrote.

"So many whites want to be able to say, 'I'm not one of them, those bad whites. ... Hey, I voted for a black guy for president,' " Sailer wrote.



An Arab terrorist drove a bulldozer through a crowded street near the hotel where Obama will be staying while he visits Israel. Both civilians and the Israeli police deaded him after wounding 11 people. The attack is believed to have no connection to the arrival of Obama; he was not even in the country yet when the melee ensued. The full story is HERE.


MCCAIN IS STILL TRYING, IN VAIN, TO SHINE. Since Obama has the media in a perfect plex right now, McCain needs some type of news announcement or event to bring "The Straight Talk Express" back into the limelight. He is currently teasing the media with the possibility of announcing his vice-presidential candidate this week. Romney is favored. Not a good look.

If you ask axe me, I'm wondering what McCain's going to do when Obama throws a homecoming party. This dude is on a fantastic voyage right now. You don't think that his popularity is going to go through the roof after this trip is over? And you really think Mitt Romney can save the Republickin Party?

And most of all, what the hell is this supposed to be?

Question: why would you pay to make a video that only shows how much everyone in the media likes or loves your competition more than you? Doesn't that mean you're the only one in the stands at your own football game?

"Put a quarter in ya ass, cause you played yourself."
Big Daddy Kane - "The Symphony" (Juice Crew)

Your thoughts?

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