I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing that Obama might get assasinated. I mean, really, Bush is still alive, so I don't see why Obama should be worried. If I've learned anything in the last eight years, I can say to my children that it has been proven - even if everybody hates you, you can stil be untouchable if you have friends in the highest of high places. So make sure you're connected, or the writing is on the wall...


But fear not, oh my brothers and sisters. Obama has had Secret Service protection for more than a year. If you'll remember, it was a big deal at the time, because he was the first presidential candidate to ever receive such security detail so early before an election. But it was a clear message to radical militias and general nutcases of all races: f you think you're killing him, you're more than an dewshbag - you're a dumbass. To be honest, I don't even know how close the S.S. is watching the Senator, but I would assume that you're safer around Obama than if you were a black man walking by yourself through Iowa. Therefore, a conversation about the likelyhood of his assasination before (and hopefully during) his presidential administration is a discussion that I'm frankly not willing to have. A wise man told me, "Don't argue with fools."

In my opinion, which might as well be fact, Obama will win this election by a landslide. But that's just me. Everybody else seems to be worried that Obama will face some type of OCTOBER SURPRISE, which is the new fear tactic being promoted by the "vast right wing conspiracy" (whuddup Hillary!). IT'S NOTHING NEW; for decades it has been the strategy of the republikkkan party to use terrorism, crime, nuclear holocaust, abortion, religion, "patriotism", torture and, of course, racism, to fuel their bitter constituents' fears and to rally the rednecks behind a political party that would always try to protect them from having to change with the times. But at least you and I know that the list of fear tactics in the republickin' playbook (nolo) goes on and on, as it has for generations.

Back to the point; everybody is associating the hype and historical relevance of Obama to JFK. I agree that he has all the charisma, character and promise of change that the Kennedys once embodied. But now, as it seems that we might lose the scion of the Kennedy clan to cancer, people are going to need something new. They require a person bold enough to stand in the shoes of greatness at a time when no one else believes it is possible. America needs somebody brave enough, and with enough security, to call the right wing bluff and bring some balance back to our broken planet. And we don't need anybody who's too scared of getting shot to execute change.

My definition of greatness is a state of being that lets a person go beyond contemporary boundaries, higher and further than anything in his or her circumference. Maybe Obama can't stop a bullet, but he represents an idea. Like Che Guevara, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, RFK, Malcolm X and even Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, it's already too late to stop the legend from being passed along. Might as well see what he can actually do. And if I had to name one reason why I admire him, it would be because I think he has almost no fear. Because the whole idea of this new reality we're living in is some wild shit stuff anyway. I can't even lie and say I saw this coming two years ago. Oh well, that's how revolutions go, I guess. The idea will always outlive the idealist. Word to Guy Fawkes.


Kennedy is dead, but his legacy lives like Che Guevara. Obama may not be Che incarnate, but he's definitely Kennedy 2.0. Upgraded, elevated and educated. Plus, he's raised more money. Can we just agree that this election is over, already?

Or here's a better question:

If America defaulted on that promise of "40 acres and a mule" for former slaves, and if reparations are out of the question, and if Juneteenth is a black American holiday that most white people have never heard of, and if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never got this far, and if McCain is 114 years old, and if Barack was the first black president of The Harvard Law Review (couldn't have been easy), and if Hillary couldn't beat him, and if Bush isn't the worst, then why the fuck are people so afraid of letting this guy, the obvious underdog with overwhelming appeal, have his chance at running the country without the janky-ass suggestion that, simply because he's black, he can't be allowed to win or he'll only end up dead before we can even see that change that we can believe in?

Man, don't get me started...

If the man loses, he loses. Let's not speculate any futher. And remember, I live below the Bible Belt, around rich white people. So if I seem like I'm salty, I'm just sharing my experiences in Cobb County, GA, with you. Hopefully the political climate for debate is better on your side of the world, because sometimes it's hell out chea in the South. But, judging from the recent cover of Rolling Stone, it doesn't seem that Obama is much worried at all...


You gotta love it.

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