See, I've been telling people this for a minute, and it seems like nobody listened until today. But the old school class of black representatives is slowly dying off, in terms of political lifespan. Nobody cares what they think, or else their endorsements would have carried weight in the primary. This is what I call old geezers not recognizing that the times have changed without their consent. And that's what you call revolution.

If you haven't heard, Messie Jessie went off on a tangent and told UnitedHealth Group executive Dr. Reed V. Tuckson, in a whisper that was never meant to be caught by an open microphone (which it was), "See, Barack's been talking down to black people ... I want to cut his nuts off."


My question is why? Was Jessie planning to pickle them and serve them as appetizers for his next meeting with the Clintons? Nolo? Or is he just saltier than balls at the fact that Obama came out of nowhere and has managed to go further and farther than either he or Al Sharpton?


All I know is that this pretty much cements the fact that Jesse Jackson Sr., along with the entire elder statesmen group of the black Democratic electorate, is expired like bad chocolate milk. And he still doesn't know that his rhetoric, along with Bill Cosby's and Reverend Perm's is as outdated and questionable as LL COOL J . You're only still around because we used to love you as a performer, but now you're pushing it with this extra weird, persistent fuckery.

Big ups to Jesse Jackson Jr., who publicly denounced his father's bullshiite.


Out with the old; in with the new.

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