Hell no, I don't mean B.E.T.

Just caught Nas on The Colbert Report. Much respect to Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central for letting the guy speak his mind and perform "Sly Fox." To be honest, I hadn't even heard it before watching it a half hour ago. Had plenty of chances to download it, but when you're a real fan you leave at least something to discover if you're going to support it with money. I had already downloaded The Nigger Tape, his mixtape with Green Lantern. How much free shit could I ask axe for without putting something in the collection plate?

So really, I'm going to buy the new Nas album tomorrow. He did a good job, especially considering how Colbert can throw a person off with his conservative schtick. You can't let him fool you into being pissed off, and you can't let him totally steal the show. He's known to do both to unsuspecting guests. Nasir was on point.

I'm about to run out and grab a six pack of that good Belgian beer (Bud Light) and sit my ass down to watch CNN. BLACK IN AMERICA: THE BLACK MAN is on right now. I'm waiting to see if Soledad O'Brien is going to wink at me through the TV. Baby girl has that thyow! Plus, I think I should see what Time Warner says about me and my life, under the guise and co-signage of Soledad O'Brien's fine ass.

So far, she's done a seriously good job. Her stock is rising. TV networks: you catch her contract up, you'd better snatch that. Don't be surprised if she asks axe where the cash at.

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