Now that the senator is back on U.S. soil, everyone is wondering what's going on with the Democrat's V.P. search. And wouldn't you know it, The New York Times is now speculating that Senator Hillary Clinton is low on the radar as a potential running mate.

The arguments for picking Mrs. Clinton have always been highly pragmatic, based more on electoral politics than anything else, as Mr. McAuliffe suggested in pointing to the vote-getting power she has exhibited. (For what it’s worth, some of Mr. McCain’s advisers said they view Mrs. Clinton as the single strongest candidate Mr. Obama can pick for those same reasons.)

These arguments have not held much sway with Mr. Obama or his inner circle. Instead, they have indicated that whatever political benefits might be gained by putting Mrs. Clinton on the ticket would be outweighed by the costs.


On another note, my earlier predition that Obama would see a bounce in his national polling numbers against McCain has not yet come to pass. Everyone, even Republickins, have praised the Obama campaign for running a tighter operation, yet even after returning from Europe he has not yet found a larger number of supporters.

Most surveys now show Mr. Obama with a lead of about 6 or 7 percentage points over Mr. McCain nationally, and Mr. Obama rarely breaks the 50 percent threshold. Those are statistics that have given Republicans, who are not exactly feeling joyful these days, a line to grab, and they have fed some underlying anxiety among some Democrats.

“They’ve known John McCain for years,” Bill McInturff, a pollster for Mr. McCain, said of survey participants. “But people say in focus groups, ‘Who the heck is Barack Obama? Had you heard of him before six months ago?’ And he’s 46 years old. He’s somebody nobody knows about.”

Mr. McCain is “running ahead of where he should be based on the environment,” Mr. McInturff said.


Give it some time, I say. Unless McCain has a tangeable answer for Obama's current globetrotter status, it's still not looking good for his campaign. McCain's supporters are just like their candidate - hanging on for dear life. The Democratic convention is approaching, and if the right correct person is chosen to be Obama's #2, you can expect the windfall to occur.

If I were Obama, I'd lay low and put the machine on cruise-control until the big party with the delegates. That's when it will be painfully obvious to all haters, racists, dummies, fools, morons, imbeciles, whores and idiots that there is only one viable option, and it is the African-American.

Expect the tide to rise soon, even as it appears that the waters are still.

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