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If you haven't already heard - and it's everywhere right now - the rap career of "Rick Ross" is OFFICIALLY OVER.

The Smoking Gun has found records that *allegedly* show "Rick Ross", a.k.a. William Roberts, at some type of training graduation for correctional officers in Florida, shaking hands and smiling in a tight-ass brown and beige uniform.

This has been a two-week saga in the Hip-Hop world, as it involves a famous rapper (Roberts) that claimed to be a cocaine dealer and outlaw leader of his own Florida narcotics gang. He even went as far as naming himself after a California crack lord - "Freeway" Ricky Ross. As you would guess, being a one-time employee of the state prison system doesn't bode well for the reputation, especially while we're still in the "Stop Snitching" era. But creating the false persona of a criminal when you were actually trained to babysit them for the government is, if true, inexcusible and unacceptable.

Trick Daddy had already put the word out that Roberts used to be a prison guard, but without providing proof, it was just held as a possibility and an unfounded joke. But once the word got strong enough to spread, Media Take Out posted the picture, and the internet went nuts like Jesse. Soon after, Roberts put out his own YouTube joint, denying that he was ever a prison guard and saying that he would "see" Trick Daddy.

But now, all we see is that TDD was on point. I don't think it's so unreasonable that a prison guard could become a rap artist, or even a cocaine dealer-turned rap artist, but why front for the camera? You don't have to lie to kick it. Bad day - William Roberts. Good day - Trick Daddy.

"Fake thug, no love / you get the snub / CB-4 'Gusto' / Your luck low / I didn't know 'till I was drunk, though..."
Nas - The Message

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Snickers said...

any fool with a half-functioning brain can see that it's him in the infamous picture!
I woulda had more respect for him if he woulda came out and said "yea, it's me, I worked there", but he lied!
...when did it become uncool to hold down a job with benefits??

most dudes sell drugs 'cause they CAN'T find a job, this fool QUIT his job to sell drugs...
mannn, I love MY PEOPLE!

this so called music biz is running rampant with these "just add water and stir" (clears throat) "artists", but the REAL artists(dead prez, Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, Lupe)
who actually keep it TRILL don't get alot of airtime...WHY????

{lookin' dazed and confused, shakin & scratchin' my head}