T.O.C. # 49 - Man Up, Obama!!



I'm just getting back into Atlanta and I haven't had much time to stop and write a blog between other commitments, but that's not the whole reason why I haven't been at it recently. I didn't feel like writing anything about Senator Barack Obama for the last few days, because this fool needs to get tougher, like immediately. The only way that the self-imposed cease-fire he's been observing since the DNC would make any sense to me is if he comes out tomorrow and says that it was all in respect to September 11, 2001.

"Dear America: Today, September 12th, is a new day. It's a day after the tragic day seven years ago, when we lost thousands of lives to a terrorist attack that never had to happen, if our president would have only taken the counsel of his security advisors to heart and mind. Unfortunately, he did not. Well, we're a lucky seven years past that tragic date that began the decline of our American way of life under Republikkkan rule, and I can say - without fear - that it's truly a new day in America--one that must begin with me saying that Senator John McCain is a liar and psychologically damaged war hawk who would let a person with the sketchiest resume in VP candidate history be next in line to run the country if he keels over in the Oval Office. Which is very possible. Eff that! This is my country! I'M going to win and I refuse to lose! Hoe!!"

[Obama needs me as a speechwriter. I'd rule.]

Unfortunately, as of right now, he's lacking that "uumph" that you need as a POTUS candidate, that is, if you plan on being the person with the codes to the "nuclear football." And right now, I'm not feeling the energy. And I'm pissed that the Republikkkans seem to believe that they have the momentum, because nobody's getting tough with them. I'm having nightmares of Michael Dukakis. Is my mind playin' tricks on me?

[The 1st Democrat to ever be "Bushwacked"]

They've stolen the "change" theme, they've lied about everything they could speak about in the last two weeks, and they've been on a constant mode of attack ever since they got 39 million morons to watch their convention--as if anyone needed to hear what they've got planned for the next 4-to-8 years. To me, it seemed like the whole O.J. Simpson book idea, where he says that he didn't kill Nicole but tells you how he would have done it. Again, I didn't watch any of the GOP's 4-day infomercial, so I have no idea how they got so many people so geeked up about their bullshite. All I know is that shite is pretty bad if Matt Damon is the realest man alive for this week, thus far. He summed up his idea of a McCain-Palin administration with the following condemning statement.

For now, the candidate I support needs to start returning fire like Matt Damon. A friend of mine made a great point the other day: if this were Hillary that were being attacked, she'd throw shots right back. I'm not saying that it's right or it belongs in politics, but it wins. And at this point, I'm more concerned with actually winning the White House than being classy and graceful during the campaign. There's way too much riding on this election for a candidate to play the MLK card and just let himself be stoned, beaten and shot down from his rightful place in history. No disrespect to the King. And no, the "controversial" statement below does not count...

Because he's really just biting something that McCain already said about Senator Hillary Clinton. There's nothing new about the "lipstick on a pig" diss in Republikkkan freestyle ciphers. It's like somebody using the incredibly overused rhyme scheme of gangster rap: "Bitches, hittin' these switches, snitches in ditches, clocking these riches." We've heard it before, so the thrill is gone. It's never as good as the first time, Barack. You can't be biting styles on the national stage...

Anyway, like I said, I need to see a fight, or I'm going to start feeling weird. And I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

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