T.O.C. # 41: You Can't Be Serious



I am almost outraged that people who know that the Republikkkans are evil are actually watching the Republikkkan convention. I didn't have to see Governor Palin's speech and the obviously ensuing applause and cheerful reception to know that it was going to be a festival of lies, manipulation and deception. For God's sake; Bush is a Republikkkan. And if you thought that the party of Bush, Reagan and Nixon was really going to change face this late in the game and start being responsible for the rest of the civilized world, which they've already severely fucked up, then I wish you the best in life, because you're obviously not ready to face the reality of the world. Or, just kill yourself, which I'd wholeheartedly suggest to you lame ideological idiots.

I pity the fool.


And now, I will bring you back to reality, and back to the true purpose of this crusade. Senator Barack Obama is still killing the racist propaganda that comes from the GOP. And he's doing it with class, grace and style. If you think I'm just selling wolf tickets, CLICK HERE. And remember, I'll even admit on a sunny day for Democrats that poll numbers mean Nathan. But if poll numbers come up positive when they're not supposed to, like, for a black Democratic Party POTUS nominee, during the GOP convention... well, let's just assume that the numbers are still underestimated, because they're never going to let us know just how far ahead we really are. If you're down with the clowns, you don't have to be afraid that the Obama/Biden ticket is actually winning, if that scares you. Just sleep through the nightmare and wake up in eight years. But don't fight the tide if you're lost at sea.


And that's all for tonight. But if you really need anything else, let me just say that I'm still amazed because I can now comfortably believe that we're actually going to win this thing. And it's all because the GOP fell victim to its own fuckery.

[That's just so you scaredy-cat Democrats and Independents will calm the eff down and relax. We've got a great candidate, and all that's stopping him from advancing is YOU.]

I'd like to say, "Big ups and infinite thanks," to Governor Sarah Palin, the most unqualified VP candidate in history, for helping the villainous Republikkkans to throw this election into the trash. Yes, Joe Biden is going to thrash this whole phuckphest in the debates. And it's not only going to be ugly; it's going to be funny. Mark my words.



Anonymous said...

Obama is a wonderful speaker, motivator and a seemingly genuine person. Its a shame he knows dick about running a country. I belive Palin has the same amount of expirience as BarIraq Osama...if not more. While Mccain was being tortured in POW camp...Osama was wearing kufi's in kenya....while Mccain was in the senate...Osama was sniffin coke and burning els....

Kirk Franco said...

Thanks for the reassurance. The RNC is a mess of hypocritical bullshit had I known what they were going to say here I would've wrote ludacris some more shit to say in his dumbass freestyle.


And you, my anonymous commenter, were probably smoking a Republikkkan cock, which of course would be no different from any other day.

NEWS FLASH: Being tortured does not make you a viable candidate for any job except "tortured person."

But your opinion is duly noted. Thanks for your comment!


@ Kirk Franco:

Yeah, those lyrics don't seem so rough anymore.

My opinion is that it's time to let Biden off the leash.

Anonymous said...

While being tortured does not qualify you to run the country, I think we can agree it builds a certain level of character. And its possible that having a grandfather that was an admiral, a father that was an admiral and being a decorated war veteran does shine a little more then being a decorated community leader....

I like Obama...I truely do. I think his swagger is someything righteous....I just am not sure I trust his judgment and experience.

I say that to say this....anyone who has made there mind up already, without hearing both sides debate over the issues facing this nation, is a plain narrowminded faggot.


@ "Anonymous"

A decorated community leader is usually not as likely to be a corrupted, flip-flopping tool of any previous administration.

With that same philosophy you're using, you could assume that G.W. Bush was a great president. His grandfather supported the Nazis, his father drove the economy into the shitter and now he's being called the worst president in history. That's what I call passing down the family legacy with efficiency...

Anyone who would even consider McCain, who is only a shell of the "maverick" that he was in 2000 when he ran against Bush, and who will now do anything that his party demands, regardless of what he thinks or knows to be correct, is probably either "afraid of the dark" or just too mentally whitewashed to see that the only real problem with Obama is that his pigment doesn't match any other POTUS in history. If it did, we'd all agree, but it doesn't so some of us are undecided, confused and willing to listen to lies about his character, record and ideas for the country.

By the way, you should really invest in a name.