Shout out to "The Doo-Doo Man," who obviously has no self-respect that a check can't buy. I know I've made some mean and vicious deposits in the early part of this year, but nothing came close to feeling as if I were on the verge of losing my life. And is that really true about Elvis and ol' boy from The Bee Gees? Dag. R.I.P. to them, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Word on the streets is Biden may have to bow out due to "extremem medical condition" also know as mccains dick in his ass....

They are saying Obama will now go with the other broad...what you think about that?



Yeah, I heard that. I guess Biden has severe hemmorhoids or something. But I doubt it. The "poll numbers" and the nervousness about the Democratic ticket have less to do with Biden than they do Obama.

Obama's got to step up and do something that McCain can't do, or he will never even stand a chance to compete. The GOP supporters' stupidity and willingness to follow Palin into a depression is saddening, but not unexpected.

Yeah, it would be a major game changer if Biden dropped out and let Hillary take his place, but I think we should wait until Biden gets his chance to debate her. Then it'll be more clear as to what's what.