Here’s some shit you didn’t know - I’m a big fan of LITTLE BROTHER. And I'm very salty that they aren't doing Lupe Fiasco numbers, because that shit is ass backwards if you ask axe me. But it does make me a little bit happier to hear GORDON GARTRELL RADIO, which has been going on for little over a month, and is already killing the sound, style and song selection of modern terrestrial radio. Before you ask axe, that means AM and FM.

Maybe millions of Atlanta listeners want to hear Lil’ Boosie on constant repeat, but I’m not one of them. I need something closer to my own version of what radio should sound like, and if there’s a choice between that and NPR, you can guess where I’m tuning.

Gordon Gartrell Radio is a podcast that Phonte and DJ Brainchild have been producing since May of 2008. I’m actually surprised as hell that I’m not reading more about it on some of my favorite blog sites, but what the eff can you expect from cats who just post anything that seems relevant. At least these cats are truly "consistent", in the good way. And I'm not at all ashamed to say that I'm a month late on this one, and other blogs like 4 CRYIN OUT LOUD have been reporting that Gordon Gartrell Radio is golden. Even if The Minstrel Show and Get Back went straight wood. It's still all good. The dudes put on an outstanding live Hip-Hop show; trust it.


To give you a quick synopsis:

Episode 1 – Phonte goes in on R. Kelly (NOLO). He actually believed that Kellz wasn’t going to jail, which I always disagreed with. But his commentary is classic enough to listen to even if we all know now that The Pied Piper got off.

Episode 2 – Phonte speaks on pr0n, and the reasons why a monogamous heterosexual man should watch and use it. But he dissents on the whole “dp” thing. Hilarious.

Episode 3 – Phonte gives a great diatribe on television fathers, ranking every great TV dad from Phil Drummond to Cliff Huxtable, which is one of the most creatively funny ways I’ve ever heard someone my age say that modern black fathers aren’t worth shit. If you don’t listen to any other episode, this one is golden. But, then again…

Episode 4 – Phonte releases his list of the top ten “Lite Brites” of all time. Classic. Instant classic. This makes you think that dude can be a comedian if he ever stops rapping. I died a thousand times listening to this one, and I’m far from a coward. It’s just that fucking funny.


Oh, and absolutely big ups to DJ Brainchild. The music on the podcast is an extravagant mix of old, new, stupid, good, positive, negative and just plain old dope Hip-Hop. It’s what the fuck DJs are supposed to be doing instead of collecting payola underneath the table at P.F. Chang’s. The mix is inspiring, taking you back to the days that you loved listening to radio and great enough to make me finally load iTunes on my sacred personal laptop, which I swore to never do. This shit is just worth it; take my word. Supposedly, the podcast will be coming out every week on Monday. If you want better, you should check for it.

Or just keep listening to cocaine-fueled homo-erotic gangster masturbation rap on terrestrial radio, while intelligent and creative thought exists just outside of your limited mental reach. Don’t make me none. I couldn’t possibly care less, because I don’t settle for it.

Trues to the homie CHUCK for the link.

Don’t say I never share good news.



ian/thoreauly77 said...

thats strange man, i thought you would have been up on it from the get. i agree that tay is damn near as funny a comedian as he dope an emcee, but i think we all thought the same when we heard the first percy miracles installment. i understand why he quit doing th epercy thing, but damn man, there IS a place for satire, damn the dummies that might not understand the difference between percy and the arruh! anyhow, good post man and keep letting the people know.


Nah, man. I admit to being left behind on this one. And it's crazy, because I've been on these cats for years. Even pushing other people to listen.

Preshate the check in, homie.