Ok, so my plan with Mr. Pussy, a.k.a. "Anonymous", didn't produce any real results. Dude, you should be fucking ashamed, whatever your name is. Because, of course, anybody that comments on The Deadliest Blog in America should know better than to challenge the landlord. But I thought you were willing to debate The Best Writer Alive, on some real intellectual ish! Come on hoe; where's the bravado?

But really, I don't want that to affect all of the other potentially great haters of the world. Yes, hate is dead, but this blog is also dead, so I still accept hate in all of its unholiness. Like W said, "Bring it on!" If you have hate on your heart, let it out.

I'm sitting at my favorite drunken safe haven, having a discussion with others about why you need haters. And I just realized that even though I have haters in abundance, I need them to speak louder. And I'm not going to ask axe nicely much longer. You don't want me to speak easy; it'll get ugly.

So please, haters, let me know if you catch feelings. It's not necessary to comment on this one, but in the future, come up with a name, for God's sake. And tell me how you really feel, for real. Or stay the fuck off my blog.

Hey, at least I'm honest.


blacker cracker said...

If I was you(thand god i'm not), I would just be happy someone left a comment. Even if it was almost a year later.


I knew you or someone sorrier would show up if I threw out some bait.