This Week's Obituaries: A Great Week for the Death of Hip Hop

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We interrupt this FEAR AND LOATHING post to bring you this special announcement:

I'm still on my grizzly as the grim reaper of Hip-Hop. It just so happens that this week was so busy in terms of expired rappers that I couldn't even calculate the damage until this very moment. So with that said, let's read the last rites for the week of October 3 - 15th. So what it's more than 7 days. My math ain't as good as my English or my scythe swang game...

Let's do the damn thang...
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Unfortunately for you stans, I'm calling this one as I see it. I don't want to say that this person is done, but with all circumstances considered, I don't see how he's coming back without a powerful apology, followed by a powerful single and a powerful co-signer willing to forgive his nonsensical statements. Oh, you ain't know who I'm talking about? None other than...

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Lupe Fiasco. Effin' the eff up.

The former homie snitched on himself by trying to excuse not practicing for a monumental experience - performing in a VH-1 Hip-Hop honors tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. Please believe that I would have been more than happy to replace him. And I know the lyrics by heart in my sleep. But when he forgot the lyrics, instead of taking one for the team (read: Hip-Hop), he made every excuse unimaginable to cover up his fuck-up. This dude had great potential in my mind, and now I don't think he's worth the plastic that will cover his thousands of unbought, unopened CDs when his label finally releases The Fool. Whoops, I meant "Cool."

Dig a hole, homie.


T.I. (damn.)

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I just can't call it right now. But when I think about celebrities that seem likely to beat their legal cases right now, T.I. is not in the top 1,000. Sorry. Really, I feel like something is fishy like Long John's about this whole fuckfest, but I don't really know what's up, so I have to sit back and say that it looks like Clifford Harris, a multiple felon at the peak of his career, is about to go down for weapons charges. Like it or not, a parole violation usually means prison. Let's pray for the brother; no b.s. I really don't want to see him go to jail.


Big Moe

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I remember "Purple Stuff." The song was always particularly bothering to me because it seemed to glorify the use of codeine, much like Hyphy celebrates ecstasy usage. But I also think Hyphy is a musical turd, with the exception of Mistah F.A.B. Screwed music had a cool factor that went beyond its own region, so you have to consider somebody like Big Moe's death to be kind of a big deal in Texas. Rest in piece, homey. The Lone Star State definitely lost one of its heavyweights in Big Moe, as you see in the picture... sorry.


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