Fire and Brimstone - A Literary Assault from The Underwriter

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The Underwriter is all about honesty. Honestly. I just became committed to this blog this month, which is why you're seeing me all over XXL and several other blogs with writers I respect. I'm not a piggybacker (nolo), I'm just able to recognize cats who are serious about it. And if you check my blogroll *LINKS OF DEATH*, you'll find several other places where you can find Hip-Hop in its new home - the Internets. You see, the culture is not dead anywhere else but in the mind of those who control the music industry, and they won't accept the fact that they're killing it. But alas...

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We find ourselves at the point of revelations. California is burning, and down here in Atlanta we couldn't give two skeets of jizz. We're too busy washing the ol' school and watering our imported cactuses to read the news. With the exception of yours truly and a few other cats who know what the bidness is.

As far as Hip-Hop goes, we're at a point where lunatics get more press coverage than actual deserving talent, all because the spazzes seem to speak louder and irratically. We think that shit is cute, when in actuality it's weaker than well liquor.

Case in point:

I've been going at it pretty strong lately with an internet cupcake whose name I dare not say. If you're a frequent visitor of the blogs at XXL and you're in the know, you already know. If not, I have no time to explain it. But the problem is that even the internet is being gaffled by idiots who spend their off-hours trying to confuse the relevant issues that Hip-Hop brings to life.

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Hip-Hop fosters and sponsors discussion. It makes a loud point, which you'll only understand if you understand the people behind it (nolo). This culture of ours was never supposed to be infiltrated like the Panthers were. It was supposed to be immune, because it's so ugly to the untrained eye that you would think we were all monkeys until you were invited into the palace. At this point, you'd become a fiend and stay forever. Like they say, once you go black... Ask Amy Winehouse.

We're living in such raggedy times that Pac's former bodyguard has identified himself as an undercover F.B.I. agent. T.I.'s bodyguard is snitching on him. Nobody's safe, nobody's protected. Not even the members of "The 5th Element" - the writers who cover Hip-Hop culture. Didn't Suge say something about creating a show called "Internet Gangsters" where he and his clicque would go around finding bloggers and giving nut-checks? Or was that all just a bunch of "I'm trying to stay famous" bullshit?

I'm going with Door #2.

The problem is that some of these people who comment on blogs are disrupting the debate. I don't care if you and I disagree. I just don't like it when somebody joins a discussion that could actually move forward the cause of intelligence, only to push a stupid and false point.

I've put up with bullshit on television. In movies. Definitely on the radio. Even in magazines. But I'm not having this shit on my new favorite entertainment medium. I'm not saying that The Underwriter is all powerful, but I can definitely take at least one loser out every month or so. It's only right, actually.

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So here's to the people who continue to try my patience. Intelligence > Hate. My scythe > your pen. Save yourself from my wrath and start putting something good into your internet commentary when speaking on Hip-Hop.


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For examples of how The Underwriter had to get busy on a few cats tonight, just go to XXLMAG.com, click the tab titled "BLOGGERS" and check Bol and Billy Sunday's blogs. And check out my response to a few cats' stupidity.

Don't worry... I'll wait.

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