This following post is why you can’t be prejudgmental (is that a word?) when it comes to the intelligence of rap or rappers. You just never know; the same rapper who gets arrested constantly, associates himself with a gang and takes women to award shows wearing dog leashes might actually be a well-spoken, articulate, thoughtful, respectful and chivalrous gentlemen when asked axed about race issues in America. Even if chivalry is dead.


Conversely, a poster boy for nerd rap that would appear to have a superior I.Q., diversity in cultural understanding, a love for skateboarding, pop radio crossover potential and a legion of internet fans could actually be an intellectual Bozo, whose quirky image could just be a firewall that scares interviewers away from asking the deep questions - a “stupid shield” of sorts.


Because I have super powers and can read your fear-ensconced minds, oh my dear readers, let me go ahead and tell you what you think. You think that Snoop Dogg < Lupe Fiaschoe in terms of lyrical ability, therefore Lupe Fiaschoe > Snoop Dogg in the art of communicating his ideas. Snoop > Lupe when it comes to money, but not when it comes to brilliance, right?

Tha Doggfather:

Lupe Fiaschoe:

Right now, you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow. I never knew that Snoop’s intelligence >>> Lupe’s bullshit. Isn’t that ironic?”

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Snickers said...

Other than the fact that he feels like the word nigger should stay around because it's a part of "our history", I didn't see anything wrong with what Lupe had to say......

Lupe is young, he still has a lot of growing up to do and yet he is waaaaay more convincing to me in what he says than Snoop......

Snoop on the other hand has been around for years and is sort of a walking contradiction to me because of his actions and all of the things he continues to do on a DAILY basis, ("gets arrested constantly, associates himself with a gang and takes women to award shows wearing dog leashes")
but then he gets on Larry King sounding like a TOTALLY different person, which makes me think he had a little help on what to say.........just my opinion!!