So I was sulking around the house on Monday night. Not caring about what could or would happen in the world on Dr. Martin Luther King's national holiday. You can say I'm jaded.

And something happened. I didn't mean to turn on CNN, but that's usually the channel that my television is on when I turn it off in disgust. I can only take so much of the propaganda, but I do like to stay abreast of current affairs. I love how that sounded...

Anyway, CNN was in progress of covering the live debate between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, with extra jestering from South Carolina's "son of the south", former senator John Edwards. For the record, I follow politics like evangelicals follow white Jesus. I hadn't expected to catch the debate; at the moment, I was in the throwes of intellectual exile and a case of Bud Light. Yes, I was trying to avoid importing the profane realities of politics into my own life, but still I was trying to stay abreast (smile) of national affairs. After all, it's 2008, ain't it?

I just couldn't help myself. I tuned in at the exact moment when the hottest chick in the game, Suzanne Malveaux, asked a question that set it off like Queen Latifah, and never turned away...


Check the evidence of how Black Alabama held his ground against a week of dewshery from the Clinton camp:

Theories abound about why the Clintons have finally chosen to tackle Barack in South Carolina for his ownership of the black vote. Maybe they think it's time to shatter the African-American electorate. Or maybe they think he is not worthy of being nominated by the DNC, as if Hillary is, so they thought it best to attack him most viciously in his own backyard (nolo), the place where he's most likely to win. Let's face it, nobody thought he'd win Iowa. But he did, and now he's looking at Hillary like this...


Anyway, it's good to see that my choice for POTUS is still being tough on crime. Black Americans have been slighted and shorted for a long time. I'm not bitter; I'm just better. That means that I'm willing to vote for a fresh perspective rather than an old theory that didn't sustain itself. I'm glad that B.O. is willing to defend himself against this B.S.


Can you tell that I'm voting for B.O. yet?

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