New Hip-Hop Obituaries ...... The Drought Is Over.

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Wanna hear something fucked up? Good. That's generally the vibe of Hip-Hop right now anyway, so at least you're in good company.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog. Since Thanksgiving, I've been on a proper vacation from eulogizing Hip-Hop culture, trying to figure out just how this blog is going to be formatted in the new year. Like before, I was planning on writing a new obituary for doomed Hip-Hop stars every week. Then, like the tap water in Georgia, the drought sunk in and there was little to nothing to write about. So I started focusing again on the book I'm writing, while finding something else to do with my scythe...

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But how the tides would soon change... Unfortunately for us all, the drought of death in Hip-Hop is always temporary, is it not? Looks like there could be plenty of work for me in the new year if things continue the way they're going.

Let's run it back, shall we?


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It's not like anybody really cares if he ran from Prodigy and Mobb Deep on the night when Prodigy styled on him onstage and he retorted with a Vietnamese knuckle sandwich. So this altercation actually could have gone far in the promotion of his upcoming album. I mean, that "punch you in your face" music only works if you really do it and the crowd can see it happen.

Instead, Saigon apparently became discouraged by shifty music industry policy, missed release dates and probably the lack of a major hit single that could service radio (nolo). And publicly bickering with your label head/producer can't be good for business either. Whatever the case, he posted THIS MYSPACE BLOG announcing his resignation from the rap game.

Sure, we've heard it before, but now it's such a cliche that we as fans are probably hoping it's true. I mean, if you're going to be believed when you speak, at least keep your word and keep it consistent. The worst thing Saigon could do would be to release a new mixtape next week. On the other hand, waiting two more years until he stops feeling some type of way about his contractual situation won't help him to create a buzz either. So...

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Let's face it. Only a few of us really care anyway, which really shows that this might have been the best move.

Sayonara, Saigon. Sorry to see you give up so soon. The game needs real MCs, not quitters.

Oh, and speaking of Mobb Deep...



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Since it was officially announced that the Mobb Deep MC was going to have to do a three-year bidsky for... whatever, gravity seems to be weighing in. Prodigy has spoken out on radio about his sentence, and how the government is turning him into Malcolm X.

At first, this sounded like some premiere P-Double bullshiite. Then, just a few days ago, he goes and RELEASES THIS SONG. Needless to say, this one is on par with Mos Def's classic "The Rapeover" for it's unabashed truth and lack of fuckgiving. Fan of the man or not, you have to admit that Prodigy is a unique rap artist who can always come back with a dope song, regardless of how many times he's been robbed.

Keep your head up, P.

Pimp C

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This one is crazy. I wasn't as much of a fan of Pimp as I was of Bun back in the days when UGK were the true underground kings. I'm talking back in the early nineties, when other regions outside of The Souf were listening to either Snoop, Biggie, Twista or whoever was close to them geographically.

In Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and every other state along the Gulf Coast, Pimp C was that dude. I almost didn't want to admit that I thought Bun B was the better rapper, because people would look at me like I didn't know what was up. I'd get the side-eye, like, "Ok, little dude. Yeah, Bun obviously reads more books, but Pimp is the rawest cat in the game. End of discussion."

I know a lot of cats, from my friends to my favorite southern rappers, are feeling like this is a major loss. They're right. As we see, every notable urban magazine was starting to quote Pimp c for his relentless pursuit of the code of honor among d-boys. Since so many rappers essentially stole his style, you can easily say that he left behind a slew of stepchildren in the rap game. Not all of them will represent him to his own level of personal standard, but at least we'll get a shitload of tribute songs, unreleased recordings and remixes.

You know what Jadakiss said on "We Gon' Make It"...

Rest in peace, Pimp C.

Stay Trill, Bun-B.

UGK For Life, and even in death.


"Smoke sum'm, bitch."

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