Elliot Wilson is a Zombie


Yo, this dude, Elliot Wilson, right now, is on a major crusade. He's been vowing for months to post 24 blogs in 24 hours. It looks like he's going to go all the way, and the shit is going well. I'm trying to stay up to keep track of the fuckery, but it looks like he's running on an almost full tank. Then again, I can't help but to antagonize him a bit just to let him know I'm reading. Not that it makes a fuck of a difference. After all, he's EIC of XXL. I'm not.

If any of you that are among the living dead want to check this journalistic experiment out, CLICK HERE TO GO TO YELLOW NIGGA'S BLOG @ XXL. Click any item under the header "It Is What It Is." You'll see that he's on a serious journalistic journey tonight/today, and I can't help but to commend him. Who else has taken it this far?


PSA: The Underwriter supports journalists. Real ones. Not bullshitters. I wasn't sure that THIS was a good idea at first, but he's spitting some serious Hip-Hop history. It's very cool to read.

Anyway, I'm going to leave it at that. I haven't promised to stay up all night; that dude made the money-back guarantee. If he falls short or starts spitting that jibber-jabber, make sure you leave a comment telling him to wake his ass up. If he keeps going like this, I'll have to give him the G.O.A.T. Award for this effort. Even though he's probably looking like this right now...


Not only is YN the Editor-in-Chief of XXL Magazine, but he's also a member of the original Ego Trip gang. Those cats have been putting in work since I started reading rap magazines that weren't named "Yo" or "Word Up." And I probably have all but 3 issues that XXL ever printed. No, you can't check my archives. Matter of fact, don't even come near the house if you don't want to be red-dotted or scythed.


If you're still awake, give YN a shout. God knows he probably needs it. This shit can't be easy...

UPDATE: Man, this dude is going in. It's 7:33 EST, and I'm still standing. CHECK THE STATS. You gotta love it. I have no idea how the hell I'm still up and at it, but the day/night belongs to XXL, YN and Hip-Hop.


YN said...

I'm tired as fuck.



Kobi said...

Thanks for passing through fam! Yeah - YN's 24 was dope. I see you over here - keep doing your thing.

Keyboard K

Kobi said...

Oh, yeah - if you have an overwhelming urge to check the blog that I mentioned on XXL.com



Anonymous said...

it's elliotT


Actually, if you're even correct about the spelling, you should have capitalized the "e" and lower-cased that last "T".

And even when I'm wrong, don't ever try to correct me again.