CHIVALRY IS DEAD - Vote or Die pt. 1

Just in time for what should have been the last Democratic primary contests yesterday, that journalist idiot Michael Jordan wrote another column for AUC Magazine. Actually, in true "Over-writer" fashion, dude went the extra mile and wrote two pieces, just in case. Here's what MJ has to say about this undertaking...


Most of the time, if there's a possible problem with the timing of an editorial piece, I'd rather just write something else instead of editing something I've already written. And in some cases, like this one, the outcome of a particular situation can make a story irrelevant, such as predicting that Obama would win at least two of the primaries yesterday and wrap up the nomination.

So here's what I did. After having written one column, called "Tell Your Mama to Man Up," I wrote a second column for the same issue, just in case Obama effectively knocked Clinton out of the race. As I figured, it didn't happen like that. But it has created a scenario where I can actually put up both column prototypes, because now they both make sense.


Whatever. Jordan thinks he's smart or something. I think he's on that dewshery. But anyway, here is the second version of his column, which will be the one that gets published. The first one will be posted immediately following this one, as Part 1.

Read 'em and weep.


BY: Michael Jordan


E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E-D… Do you know what that means?

My definition is that someone is qualified enough to be considered viable for a task. If I need a literary agent, I would look first among people who have proven themselves worthy of the job. Then I would look for someone that could understand my own vision, and I would investigate whether or not I could agree with theirs. Finally, I would look for a certain fire within each person courting the position. But it is not a prerequisite that we share the same racial heritage, and if we did, he would not owe me anything besides honesty and hard work for the chance to represent such a great client as myself, like anyone else.

When I look at Barack Obama, I see an anomaly rather than a black president. This is probably how many Americans of all racial backgrounds see him - very different; very presidential. Though he is an African-American, he is clearly not skewed towards making black issues the biggest issues in the country. Maybe that’s why it has taken the black “leaders” so long to either publicly endorse him or to discontinue their subliminal attacks on his commitment to his ethnic heritage. I certainly haven’t heard him say much about reparations under an Obama administration.

Tavis Smiley was recently reminded that no presidential candidate should ever attend a summit that promotes the cause of his own skin color. You would think that with Smiley’s intelligence, he would understand the political stupidity that a move like this would suggest on Obama’s part. Governor Bill Richardson didn’t try to be the Mexican Marcus Garvey while he was still running; he knew he had to be about commonality of people rather than his own culture. Obama is not so inexperienced that he would become, after coming this far in the presidential campaign, the new Mulatto Montezuma.

Experience is more than years of work or education. Experience is the sum of a person’s credible intelligence, while witnessing good and bad events along the path to wisdom. For all we know, basketball may have given Obama the foundation he needed to have arrived at this historic moment in American history, which is pretty black in my book. His best political offense has been the defense of his ideas and intentions during debates, interviews and speeches. He’s able to drive through the lane and drop countless lay-ups while drawing fouls from the other teams, and even scores extra points. Did you know that he has played basketball on the day of every state primary or caucus except New Hampshire? That’s the only one he’s lost (that counts).


If Obama is indeed applying basketball strategies to his campaign, this alone should be enough to satisfy Tavis Smiley and every black person who believes that he doesn’t represent our interests. All sarcasm aside, the Senator’s resume looks a lot better than most Americans of any color. Plus, he has proven his viability by defying all rules and odds by lasting this long in the race. In my opinion, experience is not an issue because he has obviously paid dues. Obama owes black people nothing more than to keep up the good work, until we actually elect him. It is actually the obligation of those of us who believe he deserves the job to vote for him this fall. By the way, what has Tavis Smiley done for you lately?


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