DEATH BECOMES YOU - This Week's Obituaries

In memorandum of the fallen rappers, either in real life or in career existence, let us pause to recognize two examples of how trill it is in the field...

Really Dead MCs:
Stack Bundles

He got SOULJA SLIMMED in the Big Apple early this week. Lupe and Capo both expressed their remorse.

Is it me or is Bol right; nobody cares?

Not because life isn’t precious, but rather that everybody expects rappers to die, like they know that every day an American soldier will be killed in Iraq. Casualties of war…

Career Dead MCs:

had the old woman anthem of the summer in 2004. This song had a large impact on my current philosophy of the music industry – buffoonery sells. Plus he sounded like somebody’s grandfather on a weekend Cialis/whiskey bender. I can’t front; for a long time I thought he looked LIKE THIS.

To pay respects to the deceased, please CLICK HERE and leave a comment or something. Notice no news announcements since 2004…

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