What I'm trying to do here is completely destroy the nonsense. The fakes, the frauds, the phonies and the phools.

So many idiots in the game. So many "hardbody" MCs with little imagination or intelligence. So many well-deserving artists who can't get ahead. So many frantic imbeciles who believe they have a chance...

So my plan is to obliterate and demolish your favorite rapper, singer, executive or high-paid groupie who thinks that no one but God is watching. I'm not trying to be unfair; actually I'm going for the opposite.

The game needs balance. I need a reason to keep listening to Hip-Hop music, even if it isn't called Rap anymore. That means that if I have to do it, I'll target at least one major figure in the clownery that has manifested itself within our culture every few months and put him/her on blast.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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dp said...

I see you out here.